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Not what I’d expected….

* This is my trademark comment. If you use it, you have to buy me a coffee, adopt a pet, whatever gives you good karma…
So, I go for my follow up for the (and by “the”, I mean THE) appointment from 2 weeks ago. Today was the day I was going to receive utter enlightenment about where we go from here, and to have a consideration for perhaps how long I’ve actually been suffering from this all.
Today was SO not that day!
My damned friggin’ diabetes is STILL HERE! What in the blue hell ELSE needs to really be added to my plate?!?
So now I have to go back for yet ANOTHER bloodwork run because she didn’t check for ABC1N1’ish-thingy. *headslap* Seriously.
Anyways, she’d written out the rx for the Metformin and test strips and we went over my history having had gestational diabetes for preg #3, and then my twins’ preg a year later.
“Did you see an endocrinologist?”, she asks….
HUH? Sounds like some Klingon warship’s signature weapon or something.
“I went to the diabetes clinic at the hospital and they taught me how to inject myself four times a day in my pregnant BELLY, if that’s what you mean.”
Apparently that’s what she meant.
Anyhooooooooo…then she settles herself down and says to me that we shouldn’t rush and that I should go do this bloodwork first. I’m so glad she settled herself down. *I*, on the other hand…was about as opposite as settled down as you’re ever gonna get.
Why? Because I’ve spent 4 years thinking I’ve been managing this stupid shit and have since lost 96 pounds (90-freakin’-SIX) since the day of the twins’ birth. You would THINK I’d be somewhat done with this.
My bloodwork said otherwise. Whatever.
Oh yes, and I’m anemic. Big surprise. Proferrin for that. Because I’ve got $$ coming outta my arse (it’s over the counter, but she wrote a rx for it, just in case I can claim it anyways).
Oh yes, and I’ve got arthritis in my right hand. YAYYYYYYYYY!!! No, seriously. YAY!! Know why? Because people KNOW arthritis. They know Grandma Barb had knobby knuckles and couldn’t open anything. They know Uncle Sam had it. They know 100+ people who have it. They know Tylenol makes special opening canisters for it.
They do not know lupus. They know arthritis. I can connect SOME level of “Poor you, what can I do?” and they’ll really REALLY mean it.
Oh yes, and I’ve Sjorgren’s Syndrome (pronounce it like “show-grins”)….which really is friggin’ irrelevant in the big picture, but does certainly explain, amongst many things, why I cannot sing anymore :o( I miss singing terribly. I sound awful…raspy…hoarse….*sigh*…
Greens+ update: Yesterday was a bust….I’d mixed it with plain water. GAG. That was it for me. Today I’d mixed it back with my iced tea. Better again. Then I’d gone to the pharmacy for this and that tonight, only to discover you can get it in capsule form.

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