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Never. EVER.

Today’s prompt: “Never Have I Ever. You stick to your guns – now tell us about what. What is something you’ve never done but want to. What’s something you’ve never done and won’t budge on?”

Dude.  On “Black Friday.”

Now, as a Canuck of the chronically badass variety…all of my newscasts up here above the 49th have been plastered with images of the good, the bad, and the wtf of Black Friday.  (O.O)

Which leads me to my “what I’ve never done and will never ever do even if the hounds of hell were chasing my I’ve-earned-this-ass.”

Boxing. Day.

My anxiety issues are such that even being IN a shopping mall can send my inners outwards.  You know what I mean.  The overstimulation of sound, lights, motion…difficult to handle on a normal day…intense to handle on the weeks leading up to the holidays…

NEVER. EVER. Will I set foot in a shopping mall, store, plaza or other commercial institution on Boxing Day.  EVER.  Dude, I worked at Walmart as a high school and university student.  I’ve seen firsthand the absolute, utter NUTTERY that is Boxing Day.

No. Freaking. Way.


Moving on.  What are some things I would like to do, but haven’t?  That’s a little more difficult.  Why?  Because the only thing putting me off of doing any of them are the excuses my mind makes up for them…not enough money…not enough time…not enough care-scale to make it happen.  I can do much, much more than my limited excuses provide for.  I can, in reality, make any of them happen…so, consider some of these a mini bucket list:

1.  I want to take my causes onto television and radio.  I want my face as a name to Canadian Chronic Illness.

2.  I want to travel without the correlation of being a military brat and moving eleventy-billion times (my dad is a retired Brigadier General in the RCAF).

3.  I want to feel a day without pain.

4.  I want to redefine my timeline.

5.  I want to go bungee jumping.

Yes.  Madam Anxiety OCD herself wants to fling her body OFF a freakin’ ledge into the wild blue yonder.

These are some of the things I wish and want for.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days

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