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My TSN Turning Point…

You know how in the after-commentary, the sportscasters on TSN have the “TSN turning point of the game”?  It’s true!  What’s even MORE true, is that the coinphrase has actually made it into the Urban Dictionary:

1. The TSN Turning Point 44 up4 down
A significant or life changing event.
First used by “TSN”(The Sports Network.) In every hockey broadcast on this station they include a feature named the TSN Turning Point; where they show the highlite that most influenced the outcome of the game.
That right hook you threw was definitly the TSN Turning Point in that fight man.



Today?  Today was mine.  Now, I’m not SO far after that I can say it in hindsight…but you know what?  I’m actually choosing this day to BE my TSN turning point.


And no, I’m not taking the jokes and proverbial “What were you thinking?!?” comments from the general peanut gallery….no….because what makes MY TSN turning point oh-so-very different is that it also happened to a chronic badass.  THE chronic badass.


Sometimes, I admit, I’ve left forums and groups designated to help individuals afflicted with chronic illness.  I have.  I do.  Why?  Because there’s no choice to be “afflicted”, as opposed to “suffer”.  I’ve referred to it before…the “Eeyore Syndrome”….and playing the “Whine-1-1” game.

What makes today any different?

Because today I can psychologically start an entirely NEW chapter in the book of the made-for-tv-movie version of my life.  I choose to make today the day at which everything changes.

I choose to make today the day that I begin to move my procrastinating I’ve-earned-this-ass into the crazy-train that will take me into more of a “health activist” persona.  I might only be starting, but I need to do this not only for those who cannot, but…yes…me!!  I’m afflicted with the bane of the universe, why should I be afflicted in silence???

I choose to make today the day that I begin to not just create a haphazard goal or two in my head, but, rather, not only write the damned thing(s) down but also…wait for it…make a “Goal Board”…whereby I artistically create said board (Aka, canvas, mixed media-style.  Huzzah.)

“With a new name, comes great responsibility….”

Okay, well, maybe not…but doesn’t it give you a sense of “awesome” when you wear something new?  Shelf new housewares?  Sit on new seats?


Today is, most assuredly, NEW.

A new name, a new sense of self, a new relationship status, a new need to start something badass….

My blogging for the WEGO National Health Blog Post Month is my attempt to find out, in fact, just what that “something badass” entails…and I look forward to the journey to discover it!!

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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