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My mantra for 2013…

No cane“Life is not a dress rehearsal.” ~ Rose Tremain

Make your choices accordingly, because at the end of days…the only person to whom your regrets will matter to…is you.

Don’t blame others for offence. Think of why you’re offended and defend it by fact. Otherwise, you risk placing your own fears and failures upon the shoulders of others to bear.


Take the time to do the hard work to define what kind of life it is that you’re looking for.

Then, go get it.

Use mistakes as stepping stones to reach your goals faster. It’s easier to run on rocks than flail through water.

Grow some #gladitude. It will help you find the ability to see things you might have ordinarily missed when caught up in the chaos of your reality. They’re the little things that hide in the nooks and crannies of your struggles.

Be a good host. Extend courtesy without expectation of reciprocity.

Be a good guest. Worthiness manifests in the respectability of one to know the boundaries of both time and circumstance.

Lastly, own your shit.

Talk the talk. It assists in the creation of goals and dreams.

Walk the walk. Cultivate honour and worth by the act of “doing.”

Don’t just believe that you’re special:


These are the mantras by which I will continue my personal evolution in 2013.

What are some of the things that you look forward to in the upcoming year?

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