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My claim to fame…

I’ve always wanted to be famous.

When you’re famous, people listen to you.

I’d always thought that if I could be famous, even just for a day, that I could use it to “spread the word”…about any and all things “chronically afflicted.”


The day I was famous had absolutely EVERYTHING to do with NONE of it.

This past Saturday, I was, most assuredly, famous.

People came to see me, and they spoke of me during the day and night.

It was the day of all days….It was the epic of all epicness.

I wed the most wonderful man and joined with him and the children as a family unit.

(Wait, what? Didn’t you already get married? Back in November?)

I married him November 1st, 2011.

I wed him May 5th.

One was the legal.

One was the most epic mo-fo day of our lives.

Dude.  I didn’t carry flowers.

I carried a sword.

I wore fur (faux!!!).

He wore scale armour (that he made).

We shared mead (honey wine) in a horn.

We were processed into our reception with our family shield that had been handcrafted for us.  It had only been revealed to us mere moments before our entrance…to the main title theme to Game of Thrones, no less.

To people standing and cheering and genuinely shouting good cheer to us.

How did this validate my challenge with all things afflicted?


I made the children’s clothes.

I made the decor…the seating charts were multi-photo frames…there were Playmobil dudes as cake toppers altered with wee lil’ Viking attire. I’d made the invitations, the corsages, the boutonnières and the ring nest, OH MY! I inked paper and I stamped and I also hot glued little birds in lanterns, for the love of all things!!  I’d made an 8 foot piece to adorn the high table.

I’d also had the DJ’s put uplighting all around the hall….and it was purple.  Was there an announcement to attest to this?


It’s a detail that people would get way at the back of their subconsciousness.

Were any of my afflictions spoken to during any of the speeches?


They were a detail of word spoken…”challenging”…an allusion to all that I’ve endured, persevered through and overcome by the mere statement of sitting in that hall surrounded by friends and family.

Know what else was a testament to all that I’ve worked for?

I danced at my wedding. 🙂

I danced with my husband to a Swedish song we’d chosen well over a year ago.

And for a few moments in time, nothing else on the planet existed.

I dance with my father to Heartland’s “I Loved Her First”.  I gave him a photo I’d found of him holding me the day he’d brought me home from the hospital.  I signed and dated it.  He put it into his pocket.  I’d later heard he’d be showing it around to family. *sniff*

Sitting at that high table…gazing upon the friends and family who know my challenges, know my love for my husband and know how much I put into the day to ensure he and everyone that had taken 2.2 out of their own lives to share in a moment of mine had a ridiculously frabjous time…

The day was EPIC.

People are STILL talking about that day on various social media.


I was famous for a day.

…and everything that was not said was just as loud as the cheering and clapping received by me and my husband entering into that hall that eve’…

If I can do all of that

…I sure as shit can fight my way through the rest of these challenges.

Wife out.


  1. Pam

    You sure as shit can love. If you need me to help you in anything I am here for you. If you need me “there” I will get “there” for you. You inspired me and possibly awakened something spiritual in me… The only words for it are EPIC and AWESOME.

  2. Shane

    To say it was an honour to stand beside you and exchange our oaths to each other would be an understatement.

    You made me feel alive and I wanted to freeze that moment in time with you. You are the embodiment of strength and you showed it on that day. You were definitely the all-powerful Brynn, Baddass of the North. And you are my wife. And I am proud to be able to say that to this day.

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