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Mischievously Mistaken…

film-cartoon_160SNEAKY#HAWMC Day 16:Tell us 3 things that are true about you, your condition, or your Health Activism. Tell us 1 lie. Will we be able to tell the difference?”

 Bonus points – share your 3 + 1 as a poll on FB. Share the results!

Okay, well, not being on Facecrack any more (it only takes a handful of asshats to ruin it for the rest of ya…) I’m going to do a “bonus” of doing all three categories! Answers will be posted in tomorrow’s post.  – Cuz I’d love you to come back and hang out for a bitty. 😀


1) I’m an Army brat.

2) I studied piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

3) I love playing video games and totally suck ass at them, so I play by myself.

4) I wish I was famous (for a “good” or “great” reason…not, y’know…”evening news” kind’o’famous).

My condition: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

1) Lupus is an autoimmune disease that is not contagious.

2) Many people with Lupus live long and functional lives.

3) Systemic organ failure can be a progression of the disease.

4) Males are unaffected by systemic lupus erythematosus, only discoid lupus.

My health activism:

1) I lack the confidence to believe I am making a difference to the people who need it.

2) I want to set a goal to contact local papers for the promotion of awareness of chronic illness.

3) I appreciate unsolicited advice regarding a very complex disease coupled with various secondary afflictions.

4) I am attending a social media conference for the second year in order to augment my social media presence to continue to raise awareness for lupus and other chronic afflictions.

How ’bout those? Can you tell the difference?? 😀

Tell me one TRUE thing about yourself that people might not necessarily know…





  1. Edain Duguay

    I think I can spot the lies on these. 🙂
    As for me, when I was much younger, I was offered two much sort after places at specialist UK schools, one for drama and the other for tennis, both of which my parents turned down because “I needed to get a proper job”. How my life could have been different.

  2. Trista

    For you: My best guess is #4 is false. Or #3 – who has time for video games?!
    For your condition: I’m pretty sure it’s #4 that’s false.
    For your health activism: It has to be #3 that’s false.

  3. Trista

    I *think* I know which ones are false.

    Here goes:
    For you: I’m pretty sure it’s #4. #3 is my 2nd guess…I mean, who has time for video games?!
    For Lupus: I’m going to guess #4.
    For your health activism: That one I *know* is #3.

    I have no idea for me. Hmmm….maybe that, on occasion, I think a seventh child would be nice! 😉

  4. Tracy

    I am torn for the first one between #3 & #4. For the second I too go with #4, and I also know that the third is #3. My truth would be that I wanted to be a university art history professor, became a stone mason for years in the family business before going back to school to be an RMT. With stops in Interior Desing, and a Natural Health Counselor in between. I like to say I am a jack of all trades, and master of none, Steph says Renaissance woman. 😉

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