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“Miracle” Disobedience…

Day 20 of #HAWMC: Miracle Cure

Write a news-style article on a miracle cure. What’s the cure? How do you get the cure? Be sure to include a disclaimer 😉

Alas, I have thought and thought…

I have pondered and pondered…

…and there’s just no way I can attempt a humorous (‘cuz you SO know it would be) post about a dangling carrot.

(okay, so that’d also make me an ass, but stay with me here…)

It’s so hard to research any of the plethora of conditions I currently possess without finding the cure for diabetes…or rheumatoid arthritis…or lupus.

“It actually, honest to goodness cures lupus!!”


I’m very certain eating two pounds of something only cultivated at the prime angle between Saturn and the fourth moon of Jupiter on the third day of the week can make a person “asymptomatic“…

“In medicine, a disease is considered asymptomatic if a patient is a carrier for a disease or infection but experiences no symptoms. A condition might be asymptomatic if it fails to show the noticeable symptoms with which it is usually associated. Asymptomatic infections are also called subclinical infections. The term clinically silent is also used.” ~~ Wikipedia

…but I’m sure as shit not a bloody idiot to think that taking a couple handfuls of supplements three to four times a day and going flat-ass broke in the process is going to get me to that point.

Are there things I can do to alleviate the symptoms?  Of course.

Ask the families of the souls we, as a chronically afflicted community, have lost over the years about how they would post about a “miracle cure”.

Ask me about my “death binder”…oh yes…it’s the “bill binder”…but who the hell wouldn’t get creeped out by my calling it what it really is?

You might want to start thinking about plans for afterwards.”


For your children…to make provisions and any necessary legal documents required upon your passing.”

I’m thinkin’…oh how would you say it…#wtf?

I cannot, in good faith, make light of my own situation, and the loss of so many lives because a cure couldn’t be found in time for them…other wives…other sisters…

…other mothers.

In the meantime, I have to do the best that I can with what I have.

What do I have?


And a badass cape for my Walk for Lupus…a mere week after my wedding day.

Damn straight.

In memory of the men and women whose lives were taken too soon by lupus and it’s related afflictions…and to their families whose lives were robbed of their presence.

This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.

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