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Memory Level Up: Epic Entrance

It’s The Day.

If I had to backtrack just a bitty, I would say that, for me, it’s been The Week.

See, I had this receipt in my wallet that I’d been coveting for many…and there are two lads in this house whose every breath revolved around that receipt.

Yule came early.

Today is The Day that the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor was released.

box2 box1

Today is the day my elder two sons got a Collector’s Edition package.

It was to be their Yule gift because, frankly, who doesn’t want the Warlords of Draenor Collector’s Edition?

*shifty eyes*

I put past the fact that neither of the two little shits will help my “I’m stuck on Level 19 because some asshat whatevertheyares keep killing me and I can’t make them stop!”

I put past the fact that my Sheldon-esque brain tells me that today is not, in fact, Yule.

Yep. I hopped in the van with the two eldest sons to head to the mall to get The Awesome.

There was no line.

I cannot friggin’ begin to articulate how happy that made me. 😀

So, I went for coffee and lattes for us all as we were early (Go, Go MilitaryBratBrain!) and had about 15 minutes to kill off.

I suppose you’d had to have been there…me and my Go, Go SpazzyHands carrying a tray of hot beverages…

I saw that they’d already opened the store and my sons were in the midst of presenting their preciousssssssss (the receipt) to the clerk.

There seemed to have been some 15 and 19 year old angst about having to use a brain cell when the one phrase they clearly were hoping to avoid were uttered by the overlord of the handing-out-of-the-Awesome:

“Do you want them in the same bag?”

Oh, sweetie.

In a world where people covet their games like Gollum…what in the blue hell would prompt you to place one Collector’s Edition of Awesome together with someone ELSE’S Collector’s Edition of Awesome??

They were tripping over words that wouldn’t come. I swear I saw a brain cell in one boy leap to its doom.

So. Timing never more perfect…it went down like this:

[enter stage center, woman with tray of hot beverages, sock hat on her upwardly held head, air of authority]

“Separate bags.”

If I could have had relief from pain in direct proportion to the looks on both their faces, I would relish that moment, no matter how brief, for all of eternity.

True story.

The clerk was all, “That was totally an entrance!” to which I could only reply,

“Can I please do it again?”

Small things. Treasure them.

When a gift is oh-so-very much more than a box...
When a gift is oh-so-very much more than a box…

There was a day not so very long ago I wondered if I’d go down to wake the eldest only to find him dead of an overdose…or worse.

There was a day not so very long ago I wondered if my second-born would be able to overcome a relentless anger and aggressive defiance and be able to continue to live in our home…and our lives.

“Separate bags.”

Sometimes, it really comes down to words being worth a thousand more…

The power of Time is a formidable force. Make it. Always. Gifts don’t come in boxes. xox

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