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Meet the Pook.

#HAWMC Day 29: Product Review

What’s your favorite health-related product? Share it with your community and tell them why you love it so much and how it has helped you on your patient journey.

What in the blue h-e-double-hockey-sticks can this chiquita possibly write about that hasn’t been written about already?? (Yes, I usually have my posts out by 8:00am…)

I have pondered. Food? Treat? Fitbit? Contour USB blood glucose monitor of awesomeness??

And, I have pondered some more. Book? App? Device? Medical support?

Then I got hangry and ate a Snickers.

I shit you not. An actual Snickers. Because my life is a made-for-tv-movie and I thought it was quite feckin’ funny.

THEN…it came to me. As the sun was (finally) burning brightly on my freshly shorn-again baldish-y head today (because my skin started falling off again and made me extra rage-y at the Cosmos…)

…and by “burning”…I really mean like Napalm.

Which then reminded me that it was no longer the winter that froze my damn skin off and THEN I remembered my preciousssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…

MY POOK TOQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell else is Canadiana enough to write about that most people wouldn’t have considered to be a HEALTH-related product?????


Yes. My Pook Toque is my favourite health-related product, and I will tell you why.

I was slapped with a second autoimmune condition in addition to Lupus in October of last year (2014…for The Doctor to find me): psoriasis.

In addition to the skin falling off of my scalp in sheets, the lesions and blisters were SO sore, it hurt to lay my head on my pillow. 🙁 I had the sadz. I couldn’t apply the medication properly to my skin, so…long story short (because I couldn’t use the clippers for many, many minutes…not being able to see through the tears)…my hair was buzzed to a #1.

Okay, so the medication started helping a little bit.

Okay, so, at first it absolutely didn’t work because the shampoo I’d had to use burnt my skin so badly from the top of my forehead to halfway down the back of my neck, over top of my ears making me feckin’ ANGRY. Like, extra rage-y angry.

Think, “Hulk smash!” kind of angry. With a Loki drop, to boot.

THEN, once that was cleared up and the medication started working…time had passed and it was, given I live in Ottawa, Ontario, colder than Hoth…I needed my trusty go-to: My Pook Toque!

But…it was tense! Would it’s outer wool sock be warm enough? Would it’s fleece-lined inner-ness be soft enough?

I put it on.

I went outside.

It was like the outer rings of Saturn aligned with the fourth moon of Jupiter during a full eclipse and I swear to gods the angels sang…


*jazz hands*


Then…I’d had skin cancer removed from my forehead in…what…December 17th, 2014…because one does not simply walk into the dermatologist’s office and need Napalm cryosurgery without remembering the date.

Omg…with Mother’s Day just around the corner…maybe one of THESE (Pook Onesie) babies for the camping my Go, Go SpazzyAss!! does throughout the year. 😀

Or, maybe the fleece-lined boots when we do outdoor Kubb Canada demos!

I have the mittens…but what about the TEXTING MITTS!!!

The possibilities are endless!!

Pook Toque guys…I don’t know if you’ll ever see this…but you were kind enough to reply to my message I’d sent eleventy-billion years ago. #notreally Okay, maybe a few months ago.

I may want to consider "Selfie School" for when writing appears backwards. Just sayin'.
I may want to consider “Selfie School” for when writing appears backwards. Just sayin’.
Me & from all angles.
Me & Shane…support from all angles.




(Kubb Canada appearance at the Ottawa Scotiabank Nordic Walk for Cancer Survivorship, October, 2014)




I want you to know that there are oodles of people who just love Pook because it’s awesome…but there are people like me, in a family like mine, who love Pook because it provides some wickedly comfortable relief in a life marked by pain and chronic esteem hits.

Thank you. 🙂



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