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“Let’s ‘put a pin’ in that…”

Day 16 on #HAWMC – Pinboard

Create a pinterest board for your health focus. Pin 3 things. What did you pin? Share the images in a post

and explain why you chose them.

Did you ever see the kids movie, Bolt?

[enter title credit, stage left]

“Pinning it…just a little bit…I wanna see you Pinning it…as it grooves….”

“Got Pinterest?”

“Just Pin it”

How many trademarks did I just violate there, eh? 😉

I have Pinterest.  I got a friend to send me an invite awhile back because I’m a total bandwagon rider of all things whatareyousoexcitedaboutbecauseIwanttodoittoo, and I can honestly say I’m not “addicted” to it.  Yet. ‘Course, it could be because in 19 days I’m having my wedding ceremony and reception.  Been a little busy.

Here’s a peek at a shot of my board:

There’s Silk in there…my friend’s uber-badass kitt-eh…

A Doctor Who meets Chronic Badassery and begat awesomeness…I LOVE FINDING twists and curves on words/ideas/items that relate to my life.

Snuffalupagus…because sometimes this chick has to concede that I need to ask for….uh…”assistance”…So, “snuffalupagus” is my code word.  Symbolized by a big ol’ whatthehellisit that kinda reminds me of the whythehellisit that is my daily living.

Food.  Some that is good for me.  Mostly those that are not.  If I’ve endured shooting myself with insulin IN the ABDOMEN while pregnant with TWINS four times a freakin’ day…momma’s going to have a damn poutine.  Just sayin’.

My wonderful accessories provided to me by the generosity of the nurse at the Monfort Hospital on The Day My Back Stood Still (Coming to a B-list movie near you!)

A link to my blog post about friends, friendship and the complex correlation of depression during chronic illness.

I’ve got boards for scrapbooking and mixed media…I’ve got a board for health and related issues…a board for food (both the good and the bad…it’s all about balance, right?) …a board for my home which has things to make my life even the teensiest bit easier (organization, storage, cleaning, etc)…

I wish I had more time to Pin.  Hell, now I’ve got to add a button on my blog!!


If you “Pin” something…you’d best be crediting the source…sometimes folks are only pinning the image…if it’s not yours, you can really set yourself up for some aggravation and hardship.

“Pin it, or Not!”

“Pin the chronic on the badass.”

I’m done.

Promise. 😉

This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.

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