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Left foot…right foot…

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu


Today we took my eldest to tour the residential treatment facility he is next in line to attend.

I was afforded the first opportunity since the Christmas holidays to enjoy seeing my youngest gingers playing and walking with their eldest brother. The last week of December is when he was here last.

The pain has been agonizing to watch him during his struggle with substance abuse.

Every day I feel there is a hole in the very fibres of my essence.

Most days…I cry.


It was a really, really great day.

We are truly moving forward, him and I.

My heart hurts just a little less than it did yesterday…


  1. Daniel

    Oh this is very good news indeed! I’m ecstatic it was such a great day and I wish the best for him in getting the treatment he needs and both of you in growing closer again.

    • Brynn

      Thank you, as always, for your support. xox I will hang on to the memories of each moment as they happened, to get me through the less-than-stellar challenges ahead!

  2. Sue

    You know how it makes my heart happy too that he is seeking treatment. As well as your bond reforming and re energizing the second chance makes me hurt a little less too. Hugs to you all

    • Brynn

      I imagine it’s heartwarming and difficult, all at the same time. xoxo I hope that his challenges and successes can be appreciated by mothers whose sons didn’t have that chance. <3 I think of him often...

  3. Michel Daw

    So proud of you and your family. It is these important steps that define us, and you are an inspiration to everyone with a hard path to follow. I recommend a new evaluation criteria: WWPD.

    • Brynn

      Your support is an incredible asset in my toolkit for “Managing Life.” I appreciate your kind words and am touched that people can find inspiration through it all…it’s why I continue to put it out there… xoxo

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