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Learned how to walk AND play games…

Continuing on with the made-for-tv-movie of my life…Episode: The Week That Cut Me a Break…

Several things happened today that continued to make me think the Cosmos has finally caught up to its karmic and cosmic bullshit treatment of me and is, perhaps, starting to make amends.

Or, in the alternative, it’s playing some kind of demented “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” kind of thing, in which case…stay tuned.

This is a VERY rare weekend (and by “rare”, I mean rare like winning the lottery or finding a piece of cosmic space rock in your backyard) where we had nothing planned. Not just schedule…but planned. Not remotely.

Wake up, do whatever.

Unheard of.

So, the only request I had was that we could go to the Comic Book Shoppe downtown.

MonopolyScored me a “treat-to-me” in the form of the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary edition of Monopoly.

I haven’t decided what the treat will be after I complete the second book, but I sure as shit know that if all goes well, and I pass the exam, I’m going to get a tea-maker. Like, automated, perfect steeping, ideal temperature for which kind you’re brewing, kind of tea-maker. That.

Even more exciting than a Dr. Who edition of Monopoly (is that even possible?!?)…was learning how to walk today!

“What in the blue hell are you talking about?!?!?”

Whilst walking down-town  I noticed that my lower lumber was greatly irritated…sending sharp, shooting pain down both sides of my ass. I am getting ridiculously tired of the pain. I’m tired of the anxiety of thinking my discs will rupture again at any given moment. A sneeze. A wrong bend.

Waiting at a red light, I did it. I stood up straight, sucked in my gut, and pushed my pelvis outward…kind of like you have a willy and are trying to get it noticed.

(I’m totally guessing on this one…but I figured it to be a better representation of the visual than saying, “Like and old man.”)



Now, I’m still a Go, Go SpazzyAss and it was rather awkward to walk like that…with my “tail tucked in” and my “willy sticking out”…but I kept at it…and sure as shit didn’t the most severe of the pain go away!!

Now I’m going to work on keeping my upper torso straight (I was a little hunched over).

We stopped in at the kickass magazine store on Elgin Street where I procured my diabetes mags. I also registered for a free diabetes eduction program held in the city…the more research I do, the more I realize just how mutha freakin’ serious this diabetes shit really is. I get why nurses don’t bat an eyelash at hearing how I have Lupus, but start making copious notes when learning of my Type 2 diabetes requiring oral medication. (stay tuned for a blog post on *that* dandy)

We had shawarmas for supper. It’s our in-home date-night treat.

Then…we played a couple of games. My first for both Munchkin and Settlers of Catan that we’d scored at the Game Summit garage sale.

It was AWESOME!! 😀

I’ve never been a big game player…maybe because I was an only child. Maybe because I usually preferred to read a book. Maybe because I’m so ridiculously competitive that being the “newb” always learning new games…and consequentially losing at them…turned me off of a good chunk of games played with more than oneself, like Solitaire or that paddle thingy with the ball on an elastic string.

Fun times.

What’s on tomorrow’s episode?

Perhaps another trip downtown to visit “WinterBrewd.” Dunno. Some beer thingy. If I got Magic cards…I can certainly appease the husband’s desire to check out all thing “brew.” 😉


  1. Steve

    Yep, thats why I walk with a cane. Staying upright lowers the pain.
    Which education course? The ones given at the community centres around town? If so I’ve taken them twice. You probably know all of what they teach. They are mostly for people very new to it..
    But hopefully it is of some help to you.
    Good luck.

    • Brynn

      Yup, the ones at the community centres. I filled out the online thing…so someone will have to call. I can take that opportunity to see if the group sessions are for newbies, and if so, that I’ll take the individual sessions. Barring that…I will ask my GP for a referral back to the Ottawa Hospital for some proper freakin’ discussions. Not even when I had to take insulin injections four times a day with the twins’ pregnancy did I even get an adequate education.

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