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Kickin’ off the HOO-AH!!

Can you even wrap your head around the concept of it being October 1st today!?!?

Today also marks the start of Lupus Awareness Month here in Canada, and for some other countries around the world.

What better incentive is there to get on the ball to give a shout out to the plethora of people afflicted with this mo-fo autoimmune disease than the colours of the leaves turning…the fresh, crisp mornings…tea and fuzzy socks!!

This morning I hauled my I’ve-earned-this-ass over to my gym for a yoga class.  It’s been a week and a half since my last visit (is that, like, some kind of health confession??) due to a frabjous case of strep throat with a side of double ear infection.

Needless to say, I’m feeling 100x better.

Needless to say, I’m freakin’ weak.

*note to self: do not attempt to try to power walk through Walmart for your bananas after your first visit back to class after illness…you think you’re power walking…what you’re really doing, in fact, is approaching the pace of a thundering herd of turtles.

My legs are STILL shaking. :o) Feels awesome.


Because for that one hour of strength, stamina, balance and posture…I don’t feel any marked pain.

“I’m not getting a gym membership…too #$$#%$ expensive!!”

I’m calling bullshit on that one.


Because I thought so, too…

THEN…I realized that I pay $27.00 every two weeks.

THEN…I realized that I have paid $45 per physio appointment, and $33 per  chiropractic appointment.  Yes, I have insurance.  Yes, it’s only up to $500.

(Physio x 2/wk) + (Chiro x 1 @ 2/wk) = Minimum $426 per month.

Or, I can pay:

($27 @2 wks) = $54

…for the option of being there multiple hours per day, multiple days per week.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from:


I’m pre-emptively taking care of my health in order to prevent and/or minimize my dependency on the plethora of other alternative, holistic therapies.

$54 for an entire month.  Less than the cost of two chiropractic visits.

‘Nuff said.

What else do I have to start off a month of sharing Lupus within the context of a made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life?

I gotz me a life coach. 😀

Now, this is indeed a most privileged situation, and I confirm that I take this as seriously as possible.  I have the opportunity to not just figure some shit out…but to formulate a VISION statement…a mission mantra, if you will…and come up with an ACTION PLAN.

Shit just got real.

I’m stoked beyond all reason.  I’ve been feeling so very discombobulated as of late…a hundred ideas, lack of focus…makes it hard to take over the world.

(Dream big)

The next month I will cover the basics of Lupus (what the hell is it, actually?), musings on parenting through a total systemic snafu, my ongoing “Healing Through Art” contributions and, totally…some awesomesauce DIY stuff I happen to dabble across…

And a whole lotta #gladitude!!  Find that “something” that makes your day just that little bit better for having gotten up in the morning.

Stay tuned.  Contribute.  Ask.  Share.

Keep your arms and legs inside the blog posts at all times. 😉

#gladitude:  The little Charlie Brown tree at our school bus stop, fall blazen –



    • Brynn

      I had to overcome the gym pscho-stuff after my discs ruptured back in January…I’ve had the damn thing since the summer of last year, and wasn’t doing bugger-all with it. NOW, however…I think the mood change and my mantra of, “you can’t bitch about it if you don’t try to help yourself” put me back on track. I can be lazy. A little. *shifty eyes*

      The life coach was a crazy random happenstance with a dear friend who’s a recent graduate of the program, and looking to “practice”…it’s SOOOOO win-win! I figured there has to be a reason the opportunity would present itself *now*…so I jumped on THAT bandwagon with eagerness. I need to get my shit together. I might be lazy. 😉

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