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\kəˌnādēˈanə\…or, “Canadiana”…

And she’s mine.

My treat-to-me for the celebration of hitting ONE MILLION views!! \m/ I’d wanted my own SuperHero, and what better time to do a big reveal than when I attained, quite possibly, *the* biggest goal I’ve had for my website.

“It’s just a number.”

Wait, what?


I got that message the other night. It was like…it was like an epiphany: I realized in that one small well-meant comment…that I did something not many people chose to do:

I’d made a choice to set a goal and attain it. So, for me, it sure as shit IS a number…and it means that I’ve put out the required energy, time and capacity to connect with people that clearly find and pull something useful and nail that goal six ways ’til Sunday!

Clearly, one can judge the quality of a “friendship” by the depth of their support during your woes AND…during your successes.





A trifecta of SuperHero awesomeness.

My alter-ego of escapism.

Kanadyjana...Your friendly, neighbourhood, Canadian Badass
Kanadyjana…Your friendly, neighbourhood, Canadian Badass



What adventures lay for us?

Only time will tell.

Maybe I’ll do a recap after the next 1,000,000 views.

After all, we’ll be making a lot of choices until then! \m/




You can find the incredible artist, Savy Lim on his Facebook page. As at today’s date, he is currently open to commissions. 🙂


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