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Jazz hands and geekdoms…

Jazz HandsSo,  it hit me today whilst in the throes of chopping up cauliflower and broccoli (which, incidentally, gives me no excuse to not grab a handful with my meals…) that I do, indeed, cut like a girl.

Think *jazz hands*.

I set up the lil’ piece of vegetation, let go, *jazz hands* and then bring the knife down.

The reason, I discovered, is really so that I don’t chop off my damn finger.

True story.

And, y’know…that’s okay. I generally favour having digits…gimped up or not.

Brain fog.

That’s why I *jazz hands*.

I’ve had THE most STELLAR weekend I’ve had in eons. And by eons, I mean a very long time that brain fog prevents me from remembering.

Saturday, my husband and I attended Ottawa’s Game Summit, 2013. It was epic. I’ve never been to anything of the sort before and I was giddy like a fat kid on a Smartie.


Send the WetNaps ‘cuz momma’s gonna need ’em!

We picked up a few games at the in-event garage sale…Settlers of Catan…Khronos…Zombie State. We further picked up a pack of Cthulu Dice, Munchkin and….wait for it……”Ragnarok: Fate of the Norns – Fafnir’s Treasure”…I even bought a book from local authors: “Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies”…can’t wait to delve into it!


Total *SQUEEE* overload.

I’ve not felt so genuinely “happy” in weeks. It’s been so hard…coming to terms with my oldest son’s drug dependency and his non-return home…the death of a friend…the reality has just been overwhelming.

What do I do when times get tough? Challenging? Bat-shit crazy?

I cry…I grieve…I pick up my I’ve-earned-this-ass and I move the hell on.


Because I can.

I have a plethora of people who love me, believe in me and inspire me to keep going…and for that I am eternally grateful. You’ve no idea how much it means to me when you take 2.2 minutes of your own chaotic reality to have a read, click a “like”, RT a tweet.

I wanted to take a quick moment to express my extreme gratitude…it is you all who keep me keeping on.

And, by keeping on keeping on…I am able to have experiences like this weekend.


Geek girls unite!! 😉


  1. Jenny Blaxell

    I think you guys are going to LOVE Munchkin, my hubby and I do. 🙂 checkout YouTube for a web series called “tabletop”. They (Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day) review/play it with the game’s creator…great fun!

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