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It’s the Good Cosmos, I swear…

Yule was exceptional this year. I think I literally slid into it upside down and on fire, and am sure as shit knackered and flared like the Hounds of Hell have orchestrated a picnic in my feckin’ joints and muscles…

…but by the gawds it was worth it. 🙂

The generosity of community helped in immeasurable ways. The children learn to pay-it-forward by collecting their unused toys to donate…so we can give back as we’re able, too.

One special gift from my husband came yesterday, in fact. I wanted to share it with you because not only is it uber-special to “Me.”…I hope you’ll find a way to appreciate some of the significance and apply it to your own journey…

It's the Good Cosmos, ya'll! \m/
It’s the Good Cosmos, ya’ll! \m/

It’s a feckin’ map of the constellations. 😀 I cannot wait to use my Michael’s coupon and Yule $$ to find an extra special frame for this dandy of a HUZZAH!!

When I look at it, I see stories and lore. I see my ancestors looking up at the very same stars…the very same moon…the very same sun kissing their cheeks…and it brings a comfort I simply can’t explain.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling lost…when the Black Dog is sitting on my lap and licking my ears (I loathe wet ears)…I look up. Honestly. Sometimes, it’s just that. Daytime. Nighttime. Whichever. Sometimes, both.

It makes me realize the efforts of the “Everything” in the Cosmos that came together at just the perfect synchronicity to find “Me.” right here…right now.

Sometimes, I find learning, knowing, researching where I’ve come from… spiritually…ancestrally…scientifically…helps make me appreciate my special-ness “in the now” on this beautiful blue and green orb hurtling through time and space.

Timey wimey stuff, I guess.

This constellation map is beautiful. The colours. The “oldness” of the type of paper. I’d even had to iron it because the packaging bent and it’d had creases all down the middle. Now it looks truly “aged”!

It always amuses me how people will say, upon viewing the Cosmic grandeur …how they feel so tiny…so insignificant.

I think you’re the product of a thousand, thousand generations of “Choice.” and of Cosmic statistical improbabilities.

You’re that rare diamond (or any other more rare planetary gem).

So, Shine. \m/



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