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It’s a brain enema, really.

Day 4: #HAWMC – “I write about my health because…”

Reflect on why you write about your health for 15-20 minutes without stopping.

…because I didn’t know what lupus was, and if *I* didn’t know what lupus was, likely my friends and family didn’t know what lupus was.”


As I’d started this blog, like so many people do, to inform friends and family about my trials and tribulations…it also gifted me something:

I found that I could write in order to process the vast amount of information that I have to research, diagnoses news that I’ve had to swallow…

…I write because it’s a sort of “brain enema” by which all of my thoughts, opinions, events and circumstances can flood out of my ailing body and soul into a medium by which I can illuminate not only my failings, but my accomplishments as well.

Writing gives me the confidence that I can still be a productive member of society.

Too big of a statement?  Sounds like I’m some prisoner?


I have to crawl up the stairs more than I can walk up them.

I’m a prisoner in my own body.  Some days?  Well, some days I consider myself to be “out on parole.”  I can do a whirlwind of tasks, chores, etc.  I really do overpush myself, simply because I feel the need (and by need, I mean…like air) to try to be a fully functioning pre-health-snafu, able-bodied person.


So, I write about my made-for-tv-movie kind of life in the hopes that 1) someone else who is “chronically afflicted” can take something away from the experiences that I have, or the knowledge that I’ve gained, and 2) my friends and family will have some understanding of just how frustrating and disappointing even the most simple of tasks can be to perform.

To those that do take a little time out of their own day to partake in a little of mine…again…I thank you for all of your ongoing support 😉 xo

This post was written in participation of WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, April 2012.

*image by Marian Kamensky

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