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Isn’t there an App for that?

NHBPM Day 18: “I want to change THIS about healthcare…

*Disclaimer: I am a Canuck.  I live in the True, North, Poutine and Tim Horton’s.  Each province governs its own healthcare.  The reflections I make on healthcare is in reference to the “Ontario Healthcare System.”  This is not a test….

I pay taxes.  A truckload of ’em.

It gives me a card that I can attend at ANY doctor’s office in the province, without upfront cost (did you see what I did there?).

I can see ANY specialist that any doctor refers me to (did you see what I did there, too?).

I also, by state of marital union, have access to my husband’s work benefits which assist, to certain percentages, with dental, vision care, prescriptions and other non-provincially-funded healthcare like chiropractors, physiotherapists ….yadda yadda.

There is a severe shortage of physicians in Ontario.  Someone might want to wanna work on that.

The waiting times for certain medical procedures are often insane (like, more than me without my meds kind of insane).  Testing like MRI’s, CAT scans, scopes…things that might make you shudder from the inside out.  If someone has cancer, for example, you might wanna work on that.

I want doctors to come up with a bedside manner.

(Although to be fair, my lawyer boss once stood over me, file in hand, as I had a coughing fit so hard I was on my knees in my cubicle hurling into the waste basket receptacle…  “You…uh…can get to this after?”  Dipshit.)

I want patients to be capable of being their own advocate and stop relying on only one source of information…their physician.  If it doesn’t “feel” right, it probably isn’t.  Get a second opinion…we have instincts for a reason, and a card that will let us get one.  It’s an option not afforded to many.

I want there to be more focus put on the correlation between a patient’s mental health and their physical health.

I want doctors to start talking to each other.

I want to see some of these wonderfully geeked-out brainiacs we love so much for coming up with WoW and Minecraft  to come up with software programs that will allow across-the-board access to complete medical information by each and every physician and supplementary healthcare team (alternative, holistic, pharmaceutical, etc.).


If we can put a freakin’ piece of equipment, a robot, on the planet of MARS…surely we can make an App for that??

THAT is what I want to change about healthcare.

Total body.

Total mind.

Across the caregivers.

A one-stop full-patient shop.



This post was written for Wego Health’s National Blog Post Month, 2012.



(image from: Med-Link Solutions)


  1. chantal

    Mr salvatore, open cure, Cura, felt the your similar plight and force the internet and its plenty professional to offer ideas, problem solve and talk about his situation. Sad to know that social media is waht brought theses great ideas together to help this man… the hospital that diagnosed him didn’t even make the same effort to talk together and see the person as a whole, yet the www did… humanity has changed where stranger help more then the professional who are paid to care don’t. Check out the CURA story…. intense yet results in him getting surgery, at least he is well informed and has been provided all the details for him to make informed choice. the model of our hospital seem to be if you yell loudest and push harder then other then you get answers… you need a lot of fight for this and senior and those compromises health just do not have the fight in them and get run over. Thank you to all that highlight the huge craters, not cracks in our system. cl

    • Brynn

      That’s actually a FANTASTIC point to put out, I’m sorry I’d forgotten to address it directly…that of our elders and seniors. There is an entire VOID in the healthcare system pertaining to their diagnostics and needs. I’m very thankful for people like you, Chantal, who DO advocate on their behalf. As parents, we’re the first in line to step up for our children, we half-ass looking after ourselves, and we neglect our elders beyond all. Thank you for making this statement of awareness on their behalf. xoxo

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