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In the here and right now

Day 22 and a bit’o’creativity …bit’o’leeway…bit’o’holy-crap-what-do-I-write…

“Be present.  Today’s prompt is pretty  interpretative. Zoom-in on the world around you and write about it as though it’s a scene in a story.”


My made-for-tv-movie kind of life.  In descriptive detail.  My own personal HDTV.

Because inquiring minds NEED to KNOW!!

Thankfully, it’s just a moment in time.  This moment.  Right now.

I’ve been awake since 4:20 a.m.  Apparently 4:20 is a code-thingy for smoking something that I’m sure I wish I had should I actually know what it is that you’re referring to… *shifty eyes* …

Not in this case.  Actual 4:20.  As in the A to the M.

I’m exhausted.  The three younglings are in bed, so tired from a day of learning and playing and activity…followed by dinner and homework and baths…the scent of blueberry Buzz Lightyear shampoo still in the air…their little minds and bodies yearning for sleep to take them into a blissful state of ignorance of the world hurtling at a rotation of about 1073.3 km/h here where we live coupled with the 107278.87 km/h around the sun…

Lucky lil’ spawn, eh?

I sit here in my moment.  Now that the chaos of the day is nearing its end…I am acutely aware of myself…my body…my thoughts…only a game on the television is staining my concentration…the noise level not so loud as it is intrusive.  Having been a usual evening of chitter and chatter…any noise seems to grate on the last nerve strings once the chaos is over.

I glance periodically at the fire in the fireplace.  Dancing flames mock my current state of physicality.  They are mesmerizing, the flames…they seem to breathe excitedly like a small child on the eve of Yule.  Their unstructured nature add to my feeling of overstimulation…

As I sit cuddled into the crevice of the couch…I am aware.

My ankles are alight with pain.  It’s not so obvious to my neural connections, however…it is tolerable…it reminds me that medication is overdue.

My legs burn.  Not like the sun’s kiss of a day spent too long lounging in the heat of its solar arms…no that would be on the surface of your skin.  This burn resides in the fibers of the muscle…Inside and underneath like being host to a parasitic entity.

Lumbar pain spreads down my hip and into my leg.  The surface of my right leg is abuzz.  Literally “electric” from ? and coupling itself with the underlying burn.  It’s nauseating.  I can feel my head pulse with my heartbeat that irregularly skips a beat not in tune with a lover’s breath.

I yearn to turn off, like the push button of the television that hums at me in an aggravating tone which burrows into the recess of my ear, the beast that resides in the confines of my mind …in a dark, shadowed abyss where every thought of the day that I struggle to just remember having plays out in painstaking detail.  It burdens me, these many thoughts.  It burdens me to carry the extraneous and erroneous…things that are and thoughts that are not…

This is my present.

And it’s still a gift.

Because it’s the only present I have.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days


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