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Impossible? *I’m* possible!

The pain heard 'round the world...well, in my head...
The pain heard ’round the world…well, in my head…


I just did the unthinkable.

The unimaginable.

The “If you’d told me I could do this 6 weeks ago I would have told you that you were bat-shit crazy.

I just cancelled my pain specialist appointment.


[insert collective audible gasp]

Why would I do that? What on earth could have prompted me to take a specialist appointment and….NOT. GO.


I had the appointment because we’re coming ’round to January 19th. January 19th, 2012 was The Day My Back Stood Still.

I have been in unimaginable pain in my lower lumbar ever since.


Anyone wonder how I actually walked around downtown for an entire day last Saturday? Why I could go out the very next afternoon to the Ottawa Pet Expo???

The. Pain. Is. Gone.


Dude, please.

Here’s what I did:

I told my doctor that I wasn’t happy with the level of pain in my back.

I told my doctor a list (that I wrote out and brought with me) of things that I was doing to pro-actively help my muscles, nutrition and exercise.

I told my doctor that my quality of life was greatly diminished because I was terrified to even SNEEZE, lest my back blow out.

Not once….EVER…did she, or any other physiotherapist take the time to read over my MRI and give a good, solid action plan.

I wanted one.

I demanded one. Enough is enough. I was considering epidural injections just to alleviate the pain that ripped through my lower body, which also heightened my reception of pain throughout the rest of my body

I’m going to tell you where I went:

CBI Health Group here in Ottawa.

I make no representation of the institution as a whole. In fact, I know nothing about it past my own personal physiotherapist.

A physiotherapist who took the time to tell me the reality of my injury, test it and discover that there is, in fact, a way in which I could treat it.

In a nutshell, I got pissed off and made it clear that I wanted yet another referral and that I would try as many different clinics as I felt I needed and that I’d bring her a new set of pens, if required, to write them all up.

I may or may not have had to fight so hard, but I did. Just sayin’.

I didn’t settle, is what I’m also sayin’.

I also did the damn exercises. *you know you’ve had physio and been all “whatever” with the seemingly silly movements and exercises…’fess it!

Own it.

The pro-activity, the questions, not settling, the exercises.

The potential stored energy and ability to live increases exponentially and in direct proportion to your efforts when you do…

Just sayin’. 😉

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  1. Heidi

    I bow down to you Pattie, you inspire me and many others with words that I find to tell others about you. I have sent people to read your blog, and yes they come back with smiles. You are amazing, and when I feel bad, I think of you and pick my self up and keep going. So … Thanks Pattie.

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