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I’mma calling me out…

NHBPM Day 12: “Call BS on something. What’s something that is just ridiculous?



I’m calling myself out.

I’m calling myself out to explain the riDONKulous perception I have that I am still, in fact, the “Yes.” man woman.

People ask me ALL the time (and by “all the time”, I mean, I should really just have a t-shirt made to answer the same question) how I manage to do what I do, and ALL that I do…and still be all awesome and stuff. (Thanks to Jennifer B., for posting this FRABJOUS image on my Facebook wall today…it RAWKS!)

*shifty eyes*

Seriously.  It’s because I am the first to concede that I do care what people think of me, and that perception carries me into continuing to do what I do, with ALL that I do.  No matter what.

No matter the condition of my body or severity of my disease.

No matter the time and no matter the place.

I will, more often than not, still say, “Yes.”

I will bend over backwards if it means I can help someone, share something, give something.

I advocate for myself and I advocate for others.  But when push comes to shove (and by push comes to shove, I mean when I’ve overextended the welcome of my musculature), I end up sobbing on the kitchen floor with nothing but my hoodie sleeve to squelch the flow of liquid from my ocular orbs.

And by sobbing, I mean, cry like my soul is breaking.

I tend to…”overdo” it…at times.

*shifty eyes*

Listen up, “Me”…you have an issue.  Said issue has a name.  It’s called, “Lupus.”

If you think you’ve been given a free pass through SpoonieVille on the crazy train through Funky Town, you’ve been direly misinformed.

Here’s the deal:

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

You’ve got ONE chance to do the shit you want to do…to see the things you want to see…to learn the things you want to learn.

At the end of days, do you really think Ms. Attention-Seeker or Miss PerkPositive will give a hoo-ha about what you haven’t accomplished but wished you had?


So?  Buck it up and start understanding that this life is YOUR OWN.


You’ll thank yourself later.


This post was written for Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month, 2012.

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  1. Nadine

    I posted this to my FB wall, Brynn. I think I need to call myself out as well. You won’t be of any good to anyone, least of all yourself, if you beat the living day lights out of yourself with stress and pain. *hugs you so hard* Much love to you, my Canadian Sister.

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