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If I had a million minutes…

Target warped clockScrew the dollars…I need “TIME.”

Good ol’ fashioned collections of seconds…aggregates of minutes…gaggles of hours.


I have found that my stress levels fluctuate in direct, exponential proportion to the availability of time.

Aka, I have no friggin’ time and I’m stressed the f*ck out.

But let’s be clear: Not all stress is *bad* stress.

I’ve got tons’o’shit that is full of awesomeness. Today, for example, I confirmed my first paid-piece of blog writing. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Remarkably so.

May 4th: Walk for Lupus

May 5th: First Anniversary

May 11th: Wedding in Toronto

May 12th: Mother’s Day (driving back from Toronto, stopping in to see the in-laws)

May 17th: leave for long-weekend camping

May 18th: Officiate ceremony

May 25th: Visit son in residential program

May 27th: Condo site inspection (3.5 hours of “holy crap, fix your f*cking fence, people!” and other hill-billy handiwork)

June 1: Social Capital Conference

June 2: Officiate baby-naming ceremony


Just like a ninja…I have found myself at the whim of the Cosmos with respect to “Time.” It comes up and steals the shit right out from under my now-16-pounds-less ass.

I have Ninja Stress.

I wonder if they’ll make me an action figure.

With a theme song.

“You need to cut out that which you don’t need.”

You need to take that blue pill like Neo. (please tell me he took the mutha’ freakin’ blue pill… I take enough… they all seem to blur together… peach, yellow, blue…but no red…is that a sign???)

I already have.

Ya, I know.

I *know*.

Anyhoooooooooooo…today I made “time” to get myself back into the gym-groove. It sucked. As always. And I felt SO much better afterwards…just to push through the burn into the “good” burn of weight training.

Doing pretty well after not having had the chance to attend regularly over these past couple of weeks. No gain-back, thank the gods! I stuck pretty well to good, clean eating…but it ain’t so easy travelling!! I learned pretty quickly that by continually eating well “normally”…you’re not so hungry, nor craving, the ridiculous foods that were my glucose’s demise.

I’ve been allowed to cut out one of my Metformin pills!! Now down to two!


Pericarditis is waning. Looking forward to it not hurting when I breathe. That’d be pretty damn stellar.

Last thing I need is another Ninja Infarction.

No one would buy THAT dude.

True story.

What would YOU do with a million more minutes? 🙂

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