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If a back breaks in the forest…

…does anyone hear it?

A year and a day.

A year and a day since flashpoint: 

The Day My Back Stood Still

I’m exceedingly frustrated because I thought “for sure” it would be healed and life back to it’s made-for-tv-movie chaos within a few months.

Not so.

I stand corrected.

(pun *totally* intended…I’m feeling smart-ass-y today)

atlas2I need my back. It’s the pillar around which I base my reality…the foundation upon which I atlas my life.

I’ve progressed to yoga and the rowing machine. Whoo-fricken’-hoo. I’d planned to start a running program in December. I mean, that was ELEVEN months later, right?

Not. *stompypout*


Every time I bend/twist/stretch and feel that slightest ever “thread-pull” type feeling in my spine, I freak the fook out. “Omg, please no.”

How am I celebrating this momentous anniversary?

Looking after a husband who just had eye surgery, twin boys who have some kind of stomach flu and generally losing myself in the darkest regions of my mind.

I’m pushing through pain levels and managing the best that I can with what I have to work with. And it ain’t much. So, there’s chocolate. But it’s sitting there because the stress and anxiety is so great that I’ve no appetite. Me. No appetite.



(small letters as the capital letters are saved for the more atrocious of events)

Currently, the twins are out cold on their bedroom floor upstairs, after being segregated from the daycare children…because…y’know…looking after someone else’s children while your own are sick is oh-so-very stellar.

(go hug your daycare providers….now….)

My husband looks like an applicant for True Blood. Although, thankfully has stopped leaking bloody tears. The fierce, bloody red colour of his corneas really bring out the blue of his eyes, though.


*”colour” = I’m a Canuck.



Uh, right…NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

(interjected stellar Seinfeld reference)

I’m two breaths away from chugging a Mocha-Valium-Vodka-Latte to go.


Doctor….please help!!

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