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I only speak “glad”…

I tried Googling images of “glad”.  I got pictures of mo-fo garbage bags.  I likely should have thought of that better in advance, in hindsight.

But “glad” is my word and I’mma gonna stick to it.  Besides.  C’mon.  How ironic is THIS image?!? 😉

*what the flying frak are you saying?!*

Being of the “chronically afflicted” variety…I see oodles of posts on positivity and thankfulness.   I also see how posts on positivity and thankfulness get “like” and “+1” and RT and and “share” and…well…

I don’t really quite agree.  For me, of course.  “IMHO”

But not the concepts themselves….HELL no.

However, I only speak “glad.”

Because if my posts focus solely on positivity, it will inherently invalidate overall perceptions of  my little corner of the world when I’m having a bad day. I’m entitled.  You’re entitled.  But do your bad days get a “like” and a “+1+ and a….


Because if my posts focus solely on thankfulness, it will inherently invalidate my bad days by creating the attachment of believing I am not thankful for the blessings I do have in my life.

So.  I am “glad.”

The pain in my lower spine is so bad that, after 17 weeks, I still cannot do the physical action of sitting on the toilet without grimacing and holding onto the walls.

I’m glad that I have the day off today.

The oh-so-very inconvenient stoned feeling I have every morning makes the act of even getting out of bed in the morning a challenge that depletes most of my daily allowance of spoons alone…

I’m glad I have the slipper socks my husband knit for me…my toes are so cold (exacerbated by Raynaud’s, they turn this scary white/blue) sometimes I think they’ll just break off.  That’d be some sex-ay.

So, no…to spew forth everything that I’m “thankful” for merely mocks the days I really just want to say it like it is.  “It sucks royal ASS today!!”…or, “Unless what you’ve got to say isn’t covered in (Fair Trade) chocolate, leave me the hell alone”…and not be bombarded with pictures of little dying children’s hands and the word “necessity” all over my newsfeed.

It mocks my integrity, knowledge and experience that I’m very well aware of the state of the goddamn world.  I’m always fucking thankful.


What I could, in reality, do without, is having fingers that don’t work so therefore I’d stop dropping every goddamn container I grab from the fridge or cupboard or maybe, just maybe…I could wipe my own ass without my hands hurting.

I’m so glad for the times when my kitchen is spotless.  Like, OCD cleaned, disinfected-Sheldon-worthy-of-approval, SPOTLESS.  I work in my home.  I’m like that kid in that movie, but only that I see dirty, out of place, things.

So no, to spew forth everything “positive” is, while certainly aesthetically pleasing on a Facebook status, Google update, Twitter…isn’t reality.  Truly, how many of us chillax with the Dali?  Dude, I’ve a freakin’ made-for-tv-movie kinda life!  It sure as shit ain’t MY reality.  And, again, it mocks that perhaps I don’t know how to be positive if I’m having a less-than-stellar hounds-of-hell kind of day.  I don’t the ability like a light switch, for pete’s sake!

I’m SOOOOOOOOO glad I got my marriage certificate in the mail the other day!! It literally made my entire week.  Now I’ve been Googling what to bring to change my name on my documents next week 🙂  Lovin’ it!

No, I am most certainly “glad.”  I put my reality into the perspective of its chaos and I can come up with “glad” things every day.  Fuzzy socks.  Hidden cache of chocolate (I hoard that shit like it was gold.  Then I forget I have it.  Then I find it.  SHAZAM!!)  An afternoon non-decaf coffee. *grin*  Then there’s the fact that I have a fireplace in which I can have a log burn at the end of a long day.  I’m glad I found a favourite cleaner cuz it just makes my life oh-so-very much easier.

Notice anything?


I find if I hold the simple things in high regard…the rest of the “me” just follows suit.

Listen, I could post oodles of inspirational photos and quotes…and know what? I do.  Why?  Cuz it rocks.  And what I post is a reflection, I would hope, of my thoughts and perceptions.  Stuff about thankfulness and positivity.  Because I most assuredly am. And I also post sayings on kicking life in the gnads.  Because I most assuredly will.

I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo glad my dear friend, Jason, is raising money for his cause, cancer, by illustrating Pin-Ups in exchange for donations… (You can have one, too!!! Check it out!!!)

…because my donation begat THIS: Meet my Spoonie Witch Pin-Up…she is everything I’d ever hoped to see…stirring up possibilities and potential…plus a little badass tattoo…y’know…cuz I’m….well…cuz I’m just badass like that.  And very much freakin’ GLAD that I am. 😉  What’s on YOUR “glad” list!?!?


  1. jason robichaud

    Thank you for the lovely mention in this. I like htis term of speaking glad, it give your a reason to speak sarcastically and still remain “positive” LIke ive just cut off my arm but im glad the nail polish on the fingers didnt chip. Haha. keep rocking 😀

    • Brynn

      Thanks, Iris!!

      I was getting frustrated always feeling “guilty” if I couldn’t/didn’t want to be all “uppity” and chipper. I can do “glad”…and honestly it’s relieved some of my mental stressors…

  2. Tracy Thillmann

    What’s funny, am I am totally guilty of this myself’, many assume to “like” or +1 something that is negative isn’t good. I sometimes avoid updating my status because it was a day too full of pain that it overrode the glad and I being a cancer crab hate burdening people with the negative that I am going through so I try to update with positive. I realize that is not how life is and so what I say should reflect how life is going that day, up,/down or both. I am glad of many things… my hubby, my pets, my family/friends who unfortunately a good number of them are also chronically afflicted and so understand, the fact that I can still work through my pain to do what I love. I am learning that it is ok to support the person when they are suffering as well as when they are good. I love the pic your friend did. It is awesomely done. My brain fog is making me lack eloquence today but I love your posts as always. It is real and that is awesome.

  3. Fibrofighter

    Thankyou lovely I am going to mentally list what I am “GLAD” about everyday,maybe I’ll write it down,depends if my poor wrists can step up to the job,we’ll see! Any thing is better than the whole heap of “GUILT” I feel on a daily basis,to be the “Superwoman” I once was……..xx

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