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I need time…in a thing…that is neat…

Clearly need more coffee (ask me to give that up right now and I will rip your arms off and beat you with them. Just sayin’.)….what I MEANT to say was:
I need some sort of timer/alarm/beepythinger that I can set for periods of time to remind myself of things…but it has to be funky/girly/awesome.
Why do I need this? Because….*cringe*….I forget to drink. As in, really, truly forget to intake the liquid that is essential for well-being.
So I’m on the hunt….for example:
Anyhoooooooo…..pain threshold this week is nil. Everything hurts and it’s frustrating. I felt like I was 78 years old going into the hardware store today…damn. I know this is just a really REALLY bad week, but still….WHAM and you’re out for the count. And I’m still reeling from the emotional drain, pain and frustration of last week with my son leaving…*heavysigh*…
Greens+ update: shitty. I might as well just go out and get those damned capsules instead. I know they’re there. Taunting me to finish every nauseating gulp of the “powder” variety….curse you! I will NOT!!
Day 6: Nicotine patch. None. Not wearing one. Forgot to put one on. Realized….I don’t need it. ;o)

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  1. bastdanica

    Grabs extend-a-reach and hands over Tassimo Mocha Latte.

    I don't know if your computer is ON all the time, but what about something like this:
    or this:

    umm… no I don't spend a lot of time online finding this stuff.. I follow really interesting folks on Twitter. 🙂

    Now use the damned Magic Bullet and make a smoothie that tastes good (bananas and strawberries are usually a big hit).

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