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I held out for a hero…

*enter visions of the Fairy Godmother of Shrek, shakin’ her booty…belting out tunage that makes women everywhere wistfully stare out into the wild blue yonder for the proverbial knight in shining armour, stage left*


I just got married to a man who wore dragonscale armour.

I’m good, thanks.

However, I think that anyone who is experiencing the trials and tribulations and made-for-tv-movie kinda life dealing with the plethora and severity of chronic afflictions as my own ailing carcass endures (The extent of which I will never disclose. Ever. So don’t ask.)…needs someone from whom they can acquire the inspiration in order to push through that hardship…that veil of “wtf” that attempts to drown your efforts of basic human functionality.

I found him.

His name is Spencer West.  The epitome of Badass…his mantra is, “Redefine Possible.”

“…who lost his legs at the age of five.”


Have a gander.

He is, by far, the most miraculous person I think I’ve ever seen.  And he gets better. *giddysquee*


Motivational speaker.  Author.  Building a school in Maasai Mara.  Free the Children.  Me to We.  A keynote speaker.  Badass.

He recently trained for a year to do the “impossible.”  He, with the help of close friends and a plethora of support to raise money for his cause (a clean drinking water program in Kenya)… CLIMBED TO THE SUMMIT OF MOUNT KILIMANJARO.

Seriously.  DUDE.

[yframe url=’’]

I read about him, I cry.

I think about what it must have felt like to reach that summit, I cry.

When I’m down on my kitchen floor because I can’t get back up after getting out freezer bags for the mo-fo sausage buns this morning and cry, I think about him trekking up 5,895 metres to reach a summit for a goal…and I cry.  Again.

I needed to address “WHY?”

What is it about him that makes brings me to this level of “get off your goddamn ass and DO something!”


Because he can.

And he DID.

He set a goal…an “impossible” goal.  And he made it.  He redefined everything.

I push myself continuously.  Because I can.  And I DO it.

Mother of five, working 50 hour weeks, maintaining a home, financial burderns and a plethora of social media for awareness of the chronically afflicted…inspiring people to redefine their potential…

Because if *I* can do it, I guaran-damn-tee you that YOU can do it.

And if Spence West can do it…

You sure as shit better believe that *I* can do it.

He’s met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Vice-President Al Gore…Rev. Jesse Jackson…

It’s times like this that I secretly wish I was famous.  Perhaps then I could meet uber-extraordinary people who would be better inclined to change their perceptions of the chronically afflicted and promote awareness about health issues so many people face daily…or…die from and become statistics.

Then I could meet someone like Spencer West.

That would be pretty badass, indeed. 🙂




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  1. Pam

    Just fraking awesome! We can do absolutely anything we put our minds to. WE just need to keep reminding each other of this, daily. HUGS!

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