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I got ‘Borged…and I like it

Health, health, health.

Fitness, fitness, fitness.

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

Does. It. Ever. End…….

Nope. Not for me, afflicted with a mo-fo autoimmune disease that’s eating my heart and kidney cells, served up with a side dish of fibromyalgia…that asshat who always seems to come to your events without invite.

What does a geeky Chronic Badass do?

I got techie with it.

1. I have the Contour USB glucose monitor. I can print out sheets of reports for my primary care physician and………….GUESS WHAT???

She friggin’ loves it. LOVES. IT. She can quickly overview my entire glucose ranges in about 15 seconds. Why? Because I can plug it into my computer and the software (free) does the rest. It sells for $64.99CAD and is not one of those “buy the test strips, get the monitor free” events…but worth every tech penny (not that we have any pennies here anymore…)

2. My new plaything that will change the way my physician’s see how I’m owning my shit????


Fitbit Flex...the 'Borg of geeky healthcare reporting...
Fitbit Flex…the ‘Borg of geeky healthcare reporting…


I told myself, way back in March, that I would be permitted to get myself a “gadget” at such time as I could prove and ensure that my commitment at the gym and the training I’d set up for myself was paying off.

It has most assuredly been paying off.

So? This beauty is my treat-to-me.

But WAIT! There’s MORE!



If a chart of blood glucose readings sends my physician into a health-gasm…wait’ll she gets a load of THIS:

Food: enter meals and snacks to follow calories and…ultimately…quality of nutrition

Activities: Are you owning your shit? It counts steps. It logs all activities and measure your calories burned vs. calories consumed.

Weight: ‘Nuff said. Monitors losses and/or gains, which, depending on your activities vs your food…can mean you’re gaining fat or muscle.

It measures sleep quality!! HUZZAH!
It measures sleep quality!! HUZZAH!

SLEEP: Oh, yes….sweet jeebuz!! Have a gander….


It measure how long your sleep time was.

It measures how many times you woke during the night…

THUS??? You can visually see a representation of your quality of sleep and your “sleep efficiency”. Last night mine was 97% efficient, which didn’t surprise me, as I’d taken one whole Clonazepam. What did surprise me, however…was that I’d awoken SEVEN times. Whacked out on an anti-anxiety med.

Little stunned.

Journal: To make notes of any indication of whatever…I like notes. I could also make lists here, I’m certain.

Heart: Keep a log of your heart rate. UBER-stellar important for me as I endeavour to strengthen the heart tissue and improve efficiency.

Blood Pressure: I shit you not. You can keep a log of your blood pressure readings.

And my most favouritest of all:

BLOOD GLUCOSE: ‘Cuz if my plethora of reports from one piece of tech wasn’t enough…I can log it here, too!

All of this will give an overall view of my health, and what measures augment or decrease it’s efficiency.

This bad-boy is the penultimate of GEEKDOM in the healthcare apps.

I haven’t even checked out the Premium options yet!

It’s for platforms both for Apple products AND Android (I have a Samsung Galaxy III).

It’s comfortable to wear, looks sleek…I just wish all the coloured, interchangeable bands weren’t sold out EVERYWHERE…so that I could add a lil’ colour to my endeavours. 😉 Water-resistant (I hope there’s no cameras in it…come to think of it…*shifty eyes*) and I wear it to sleep (again…cameras…just sayin’….) 😉

Oh, WAIT!!! There’s even MORE!!!

You can find friends…you can sync it up to a select group of online fitness programs (like, “Myfitnesspal”, for example)…and earn BADGES!

Badassery: LEVEL UP!!

As I plod along the learning curve, I’ll offer to share some of my screenshots so that you can see 1) how the program works and 2)…the mostest awesomest thing ever:


I haz it.

Your friendly neighbourhood Canadian ‘Borged Chronic Badass,


    • Brynn

      It also runs $30 cheaper than the Nike Fuelband and the Jawbone UP….that’s a bonus. I like that part a lot 😉 I’m frugally geeky LOL

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