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I DID do it MY way…

Three months.

I have busted actual brain cells to create what you’re looking at RIGHT.  NOW.

A new AND improved blogsite.  How can something be “new” AND “improved”??? Why not one or the other??  Cuz I’m badass like that and said to myself…”Make it so.”

It’s totally new, because you haven’t set yer peeps (I just wrote “poops”…omg I truly did bust a brain cell! lmao) on this before…AND improved…because the previous blogsite didn’t have nearly the same amount of cool shit that you see before you.

(all created while working, managing any of my gaggle of children, managing all of other people’s children AND managing and maintaining a household…Oh yes… Also while be chronically ill. I’m badass like that.)

I spent the entire first month formulating a vision of where I wanted to take my blog…half with ideas, the other half creating within a template…only to figure out a half month later than THAT, that it wasn’t going to work.  AT. ALL.

Okay, so that was frustrating…eventually I clued in that a self-hosted WordPress template was stellar…totally oh-so-much-more customizable!!

So I did what I do best.  I Googled. (Seriously, if there is ANY reason to NOT get that Google tattoo – although maybe not ON my ass – after all this shit? I’d think myself crazy!!)

I had figured out how to obtain the template.  I had figured out how to start putting in widgets…BUT WAIT!! What are these “pages”?? I didn’t know…but I knew I needed them! :o) FIVE pages, individualized for MOI! I set them up. I Googled how to get them in the order I wanted…

…I Googled so much I’m certain I could’ve broken the Internet. Truly. Look around…there are “Follow Me” buttons (that I doubled checked would work)…there is a Google+ button on the top of every post…there is a “like” button/Evernote clip button/In button at the bottom of every post…

~~~okay, I seriously figured out the bloody Evernote widget, for pete’s sake!~~~

I also learned how to do some CSS coding.  I know coding like I know German.  Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Yup. That’s about it for coding, too.  This image could be telling me to f-off and I’d never even know it. (o.O) *twitch* But I’ll raise you your f-off and tell you how to increase font size and to use #7E2217 for Indian Red 4.  And I can put a line in between telling me and showing me.

Just sayin’.

I figured out how to go into the stylesheet and change the title’s font size AND colour – for which I’d also had to Google the html colour codes…Then I had Shane flip over my old site’s posts to see how it would look.  I held my breath…

I looked…

It was SHIT. The formatting difference had taken ALL the #$%#$ line spacing out!! So, I THEN figured out where to find, AND replace, all the CSS code to make a stupid #$%# line space in between paragraphs.  I haven’t done ALL of them…c’mon…seriously…but enough for now.  I’d had to replace all the “<div></div>” tags with “<span style=”font-size: 13px; line-height: 22px;”></span>”.  (holy crap can you believe *I* just wrote that?!?!?!)

All. Of. Them.

Every. Single. Line. In. Every. Single. Post.

Mo-fo PROPS to ME, okay???

But I freakin’ DID IT!! I had a vision to bring a kinda “meh” blogsite into a more modern, clean, fresh medium within which I believe will create a more diverse experience within my blog.

Information for the entire “self”.

Words fail to articulate how proud I am of this new site.  I’m proud because I didn’t once (not ONCE) ever feel like throwing in the towel and handing it over to my Certification Analyst programming soon-to-be-spouse.  No, this was MY creation and I busted my ass off learning how to do it… create… manipulate… structure…

Scroll up… scroll down… every single piece of schizzle on here is here because *I* told it to be!!  I’m so very excited about the future of this blog…

..I truly hope you’ll continue to ride with me on the short bus through Funky Town to take the Crazy Train down on through to Spoonieville…

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. 

~Author Unknown”


  1. Cathy/greytfriend

    It’s beautiful! Really truly, everything looks wonderful! And it looking great doesn’t keep it from functioning great as well, it’s easy to read and navigate and even loads really fast on my iPhone and is easy to move around the pages on there. Congratulations!!!

  2. Rya Cowperthwaite

    LOVE the new look! So many nifty things to look at and click! This takes me back to when I used to maintain a website I created for my music video creations. I taught myself some basic html so I could customize everything to look awesome. It takes a long time but Damn does it ever feel worth it with the payoff.

    Thank You for being super awesome as Always!<3 <3


  3. shirley

    Woo Hoo Luv the Frank Sinatra “I did it my way” photo. Congrats u did a great job. God does not give us more than we can bare. It’s amazing what chronically ill ppl are able to accomplish. You are providing a support service for those in need

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