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I cried because it was awesome…

Y’know when you have that moment of “Omg, I will remember this FOREVER”?

I had a whole weekend like that.

True story.

My husband had a union AGM this weekend…Friday and Saturday holed up with disgruntled people or those who wanted to help the aggregate collective of members doing…..I swear, I have no fucking clue what went on in that meeting.

I was free to “live” for the weekend.

He picked me up on Friday after his day-long conference and we went downtown to The Royal Oak, a pub eatery with yummy food, for dinner. We went to the hotel we were booked into a short time after:

Date night just got real.

A staycation, of sorts!

The Marriott hotel's FRABJOUS choice of carpet "Colour!!" \m/
The Marriott hotel’s FRABJOUS choice of carpet “Colour!!” \m/


Meandering through “hospitality suites” wherein union-folk are afforded the opportunity to mingle outside of what I can only imagine to be the dry commentary of due process.

I had a cider, and it was the coldest, most delicious thing I could have ever imagined.


I had half a cider, and I was pretty…well, I wouldn’t have done anything “in a drunken stupor”, to say the least…

(too soon?) 😉

Totally a Tim Horton's kind'o'morn'.....
Totally a Tim Horton’s kind’o’morn’…..


The hotel room had this orange and ginger aromatherapy soaps and shampoos and conditioners (OH, MY!)…and it was frabjous. Grabbed a quick Timmie’s breakfast with my husband, bright and early, before he had to reluctantly meander his way back into the conference for another day.

I, on the other hand, got to do something AMAZING.

“But wait…you said you cried…what gives meaning to this trickery?”

I got all teary in my ocular orbs MANY times this weekend…and it was because:

I walked downtown.

I am afraid of walking downtown.

I am deathly afraid of walking downtown by myself.

I went to the Rideau Centre, the tourist “open every day” shopping centre which not only gives me an energetic enema (I’m a highly sensitized person to other energies, especially of other people…I won’t even attempt to try to explain that!), but so much so that it makes me sick, physically, to my stomach and I won’t set foot in the damn building without having had a kegger of Clonazepam…and I not only went shopping, but I also ATE. LUNCH.

True story.

And I was so fucking proud of myself the likes of which you cannot even begin to imagine.

I'll bite your head off...true story...
I’ll bite your head off…true story…

Peppermint latte



I continued to walk around downtown. I went to Chapters. I got a little bit lost and found myself at a Starbucks where I *also* found myself a free, comfy leather chair.





I had a Peppermint Mocha, half sweet, and a mutha’ freakin’ snowman sugar cookie. I couldn’t eat it all, of course, but by the gods I damn well ate most of it!



I took Instagram photos. I posted all of my Instagram photos. 😉

Winter-kissed autumnal leaves in downtown Ottawa...
Winter-kissed autumnal leaves in downtown Ottawa…



One of the photos I uploaded to our local news’ website made the cover photo for the reader’s submissions section for awhile yesterday! \m/




Shawarmas for supper, and the ability to reflect on all of the people I’d seen…all the steps that I took…all the anxiety that was overcome…and I reached for a tissue yet again.

I can’t expect this post to be really all that exciting, or even as eloquent as it is in my mind…but the magnitude of how much I lived in that one day…


Of winter-kissed autumn leaves.

Of walking down the corridors of the underground connecting hallways between hotel blocks and making zombie jokes with my husband.

Of his warm arms wrapped ’round me miles away from the “ordinary.”

Of people hard-drawn on their luck but smiling at you anyway as you walk past.

Of fresh, crisp air.

Of pigeons matching pace, because it means you’ve simply no rush in the world…because you chose not to…

Of living……………

And that was just Friday night to Saturday night. 😉


  1. Trish

    I so wish I could’ve been there to see the light in your eyes through all of that. I don’t begin to understand that end of living as I live on the polar opposite so I applaud you for stepping over to the wild side. Happy to have you visit. Don’t take too long before coming back. I love people watching. I hope you got some of that in too.

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