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I am Sheldon’s twin whack-a-doodle…

…but you have to be thinking of Fight Club when you say the title.  It’s way cooler.

The past couple of weeks have been, to put it nicely, “stressful.”  No, more like, “overwhelming.”  But, rather “agitating.”  With a side of “bone-crushing-fatigue.”

I will often joke with my husband that he is truly amazing to put up with a OCD-laden whack-a-doodle like myself…y’know…the woman he finds inspiration in who cried at the veterinarian’s office…

…because my cats were…shall we say…”beefy.”

And by “cried”, I mean actually having to cross the room in order to procure tissue (the really shitty ones, too, that mangle half the skin on your face) to soak up liquid spewing from my ocular orbs.

I am officially a whack-a-doodle.  Yes, my mother DID have me tested.  And I’m okay with that, really.  I don’t just walk to the beat of a different drum…I haphazardly spazzy jig my way through a symphony.  Some might call it as having my own Concerto.

I call it having my own theme song.

Sounds way cooler.

And, I have a cape.

I think (nay, I *know*) that I’m currently experiencing what can only be described as “psychological issues.”  It doesn’t matter what the “term” is (cuz I know what you’re thinking)…what matters is how to continually move forward, regardless of circumstance.

Meaning?  It can suck bollocks at times, but you’ve got to keep pushing through.

Okay, well, not in the purple painted ponies pooping butterflies jacked up on SugarSmacks kind of “HOO-AH!”…I’m far too tired for that.  And, it pisses me off.  Because I’m too tired for that.


*shifty eyes*

I’m working on that with a life coach at the moment.  Spectacular experience, by the way, from which I am certain to gain a new perspective on how to balance my schedule and redefine my goals, thus leading to the life I want to gift to myself 😉

In the meantime…I strive to get through this incredibly wondrous week with a few things to look forward to, and keeps the whack-a-doodle episodes at bay:

1) Beaver Halloween party was last night.

I have a Spidey and an Anakin.

2) Brownie Halloween party is tonight…and I get to put blingy glitz on my wee lass as she’s a “Rockin’ Witch”.

She’ll be wearing her pink, sparkly wedge shoes.

I own four pairs of shoes.  She has five.


3)  NOVEMBER 1st.

a. – It is our first year of civilly, legally wedded bliss.  Yes, we just had the huge Hultquist Handfasting Huzzah ceremony back in May, but our legal marriage was November 1st and by the gods, I WILL have two anniversaries to celebrate!! (means more cake…just sayin’…)

b. – It’s the unveiling of………..“The #gladitude project”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


c. – It’s also the start of NHBPM (National Health Blog Post Month) as hosted by WEGO Health….such a fantastic community of health activists of all types of afflictions!






What better way to kick off a new month?!?

Until then…stay safe…stay well…stay “glad.”

Your friendly neighbourhood Canadian Chronic Badass Whack-a-doodle. xox

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  1. Tracy Thillmann

    So glad to hear I am not the only one with only four pairs of shoes. Well only four pairs I actually wear. I have two others but they are heels, and I don’t do heels. 😉

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