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(said in that Iron Man kinda voice…makes it cooler)

Y’know what I noticed? Just now? In the throes of caffeine-deprivation of the kegger kind because it’s the first day back to work after the holidays??!

IMG_1433This, TODAY, is the FIRST time, in 17 years, that I am:

Free of diapers.

Free of infants.

Free of toddlers.

Free of toilet training.

Free of teething.

Free of transitions to solids.

Free of breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding.

Free of slings and swings and cribs and potty seats and wipes and…


…of EVER having to do it ever again.


2012-05-05- Getting ready 24 - Hannah at the window (149)I have paid my primary dues.

I have endured and persevered and taken 6-8 buses a day with infants and toddlers to get to work in -37C windchill or +37C humidex during rushhour.

(What in the blue hell is she SAYING?!?!?)

I have reached the flashpoint by which I have never NOT had a newborn/infant/toddler.

The biggest age gap between my kids is between my second and third…by the time he hit just under six years old, my daughter was born.


19 months later I had the twins.


There are less than four years between my oldest two.

I’ve done it. The previously unheard of.

I’ve loved it, I’ve been maddened by it. But through and through, being a mother to five children, and as a single parent of said five for almost 2 years while enduring a chronic disease I never even knew I had…

The lessons I’ve learned have been instrumental in my growth as a person, a mother, a friend and now a wife.

Patience. Endurance. Perseverance. Courage. Strength. Compassion.


The kind that doesn’t fit into a lil’ itty bitty four-lettered word.

The older they now become, the more I can re-integrate my own personal needs/wants/desires.


It’s thrilling and uncomfortable, all at the very same time. I’ve not known anything else for the past 17 years.

“All GO, All of the Time.”

The twins are on the cusp of turning six years old. My SuperBowl baby boys (seriously, of all #%$# days, dudes!) of 2007.

The last of my brood/flock/gang/murder/gaggle/herd/pack/litter have surpassed the flashpoint of my motherhood to small younglings.

2012-05-05- Getting ready 52 - Pattie dressed and ready 5 (222)


I have a freakin’ cape and I’m sure as shit not afraid to wear it.

Watch out.

SuperMom just brought out the lil’ black dress and the knee-high boots. 😉


  1. Tracy Thillmann

    Moms are unsung superheroes. This post is the epitome of that sacrifice made by the great superhero in return seeing your kids grow and become individuals that you have shaped. As an observer it is a skill that is honed and I think with your brood you have achieved mastery level. 😉

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