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I *am* crazy…my mother had me tested…

Unlike my separated-at-birth twin, Dr. Sheldon Cooper…I was, indeed, very much crazy…my mother has had me tested.  Grade 10.  Little embarrassing, like most mental health issues seem to be in today’s society.

Shame, really.

It’s so common.

I still struggle with the label…and it sure as heck doesn’t help when I’m reminded that I see things that other people just simply cannot…like dust…overflowing trashcans…fingerprints on walls…ring-around-the-tub…

[whispers, “I see dirty things….”]

It’s a horrible affliction.

What’s next on the crazy train heading to funky town travelling through SpoonieVille?

Reception seating chart hell.  The “sticky-note dance”… a skill I’ve only, to date, admired in others… who knows who.  Who must be situated at the polar opposite from another whilst the outer moons of Jupiter align just so with the rings of Saturn in some poorly orchestrated cosmic joke.

So far, so good.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Anything else monumental?  Of uber significance? Totally kick-ass?

Why, yes, thank you for asking….

I’m 36 days out from the Handfasting Huzzah of Epicness, and in two days, I will start Operation “WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.”

30 posts, 30 days.  NO free days as was in the rules set out for November (we were afforded two…).

Why is this so important to me?  AGAIN?!

1)  It helps me to write outside of my comfort zone…being sent what to write about not only makes me uncomfortable, it hits that rebellious part of me that wants to say, “I’m sorry…PARDON?” when I feel that someone is telling me what to do (I told you I was crazy…like, bat-shit certifiably crazy).  This makes me focus.

2)  Accolades!!!!  Again, I do things that I think will help, inform and dazzle you so much you want to just kick up your heels and do a big ol’ YEE-HAW!!! with me upon my completion.  If I wasn’t so broken on the inside, I’d futterwacken.  It’s on my bucket list.  Stay tuned.

3)  DUDE.  Planning a wedding down to the wire while participating…. no…. committing to participate and following through with it’s completion… in a health activist writer’s month challenge?!? How badass is that?!  It gives me warm fuzzies on the inside to think that I can still be an inspiration to others who might just need that little bit of a prompt to change their perception of their chronic afflictions and re-focus their limited energies doing things that make them feel….”zazzy.”

Be zazzy.

Be awesome.

Make yourself do one thing every day that makes you thankful that you still can.

Be badass. xo


  1. Rya Cowperthwaite

    You’ve inspired me to do something “Zazzy” today…now to figure out ‘which’ thing. lol So many on the go. Damn my ADD!

    My mother actually had me tested in Grade 8, course I lied on some it…particularly relating to the depression I was facing at the time. But they discovered I had ADD, a mathematics disorder (Which I dis-proved by getting a 80-something in a math class in high school!) Though they also said I had a grade 11 reading/comprehension, which I was kinda proud of.

    I totally understand getting out of your comfort zone to get inspired to do things…the rebellious thing of somebody telling you what to do, yeah I get that too, though it’s a great way to “trick” me to doing something, by telling me I “Can’t”.

    The sticky-note dance looks kinda fun…if not a bit full of “Oh crap we can’t put that person with that person!” lol

    I’m so excited for the handfasting!! <3 <3

    Take care of yourself hun.
    *gentle hugs*

  2. Iris

    I just re-read the email from Wego Health. It said we get two free days – same as November. You might really want to use them this time around. If you take more than two, given everything else that’s happening, we can all look the other way and not notice.
    Being a day ahead of you I’m due to start today, and already am going: why did I sign up for this to start in holy week???? Were Easter services not enough for me to be writing? Just what kind of crazy am I? (No, I haven’t been tested, so I don’t know the answer to that last question – I’m sure there’s a diagnosis out there for people who think stuff like this is a “good idea” or “might be fun”.) But is it a surprise that we’re starting on April Fool’s Day?

    • Brynn

      I just re-read it, too!! Two free days, that is….I had the wind removed from my sails a bit the last round when a couple of my readers pointed out that there was a day that didn’t have a post! (o.O) So…..the other 29 days of continual posting didn’t catch your eye?!? *twitch*

      I’ll make sure to include that clause in my first post 😉

      And yes, it’s called being “mad as a hatter”crazy….I think it would be really epically fun if you wore a fancy hat to your services! xo

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