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Hub-a-loo…with *jazz hands*

Did I say how much I love The Hub? Yes?

Then let me sing you the song of my people:

The best thing since...EVER.
The best thing since…EVER.


Did you miss it? How I created The Hub…our family command centre??

Oh, sweet mother of jeebuz…please check it out.

It has saved my sanity and brought me an inner peace not felt since…EVER.

True story.

Like, REALLY true story.

The Hub...the DIY family command centre of the Clark Cosmos
The Hub…the DIY family command centre of the Clark Cosmos

From weekly menu listing so I don’t have to hear, “What’s for dinner?” from four separate younglings on four separate occasions within the first forty minutes of home-from-school….

…to house tasks and a whole lotta chalk fun. <3

Here’s the update on how The Hub is working for my family:

  1. Best thing since sliced bread. AND gluten-free. 😉


2. Any question gets directed to “The Hub”…a two word answer. Period.

3. Colour-coded dry-erase markers for each ginger…just to ease the eyes and so’s there’s no confusion leading to yelling, tears or otherwise.

4. Momma has not lost her shit since its inception. I cannot articulate enough the reward that that alone contributes to my mental health.

5. Unexpected additions: Ginger twin boy #2 has unloaded the dishwasher, or started it (if forgotten the night before) every morning. This was not part of any task/chore. He willingly has added his task. Ginger lass is so exemplary in her critter care, it doesn’t even need to be on the chart (I’m talking petting zoo-level…one dwarf hamster, two gerbils and two guinea pigs). Ginger twin boy #1 adds giving me a head rub. I can’t even. *squee* 😀

6. Further unexpected additions:

Cosmic curve ball...
Cosmic curve ball…

A ginger lass with a sprained ankle.

Because, Cosmic curve ball, ya’ll!!

And? We’ve all just automatically upped the game to cover for her tasks because…and this is where I think I overlooked any previous attempts for task charts:

We came up with it together…we do it together…we adapt together.

7. Menu list pares down the budget. Also, having, nay, choosing to keep up the walking for groceries benefits not just my blood glucose but my pocketbook, as well. Plus, I have incredible neighbours who help, as well as ex’s who assist, where required. Friends. Family. This is really a win-win all around.

8. I have time for self-care. Whether reading or playing video games…coupled with having just completed my college program last week (because, shits’n’giggles, yo!)…equates to a temporary discomfort at having Time. Like, “Me.” Time.

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Does your family have a way to manage All The Things? What would you add to yours, or to mine? Do let me know! 😀

Keeping on keepin’ on…because I can. \m/


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  1. Kat

    My two teenagers are so behind just on getting out of bed and to the bus stop in the morning (never mind being woken an hour and 45 minutes before the bus comes) that I don’t know how to pile more tasks on them. It’s just a disaster.

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