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How two feet help…

Right foot...left foot...
Right foot…left foot… one…step…at…a…time


The Ottawa Walk for Lupus is this coming Saturday! \m/

And…it’s supposed to RAIN!! \m/


*remember to get a red or white umbrella

**someone remember to remind me to get a red or white umbrella

Why do I do this?


Why do I sacrifice my time, my energy-I-don’t-have to walk for a disease a ridiculously few people have ever heard about?

How on earth can *my* two feet make any difference at all?

Challenge: [Accepted]

See, I need you to understand that it’s not just about the physical act of walking.

It’s (in no particular order):

– Making the choice to walk

– Making the choice to walk, in public

– Blogging about Lupus

– Researching to write the blog posts about Lupus

– Taking the time out of my family to do the research that leads to the researching to do the blogging about Lupus

Two feet are merely the culmination of a thousand hours of ongoing efforts throughout the year to make sure that people know about what it’s like to live with Mr. Asshat, Lupus. I shall name him, “Lupus, M.A.” and I will endeavour to battle him with my “Pattie Brynn Hultquist, C.H.” in an epic battle of abbreviated titles.

Two feet.

Four feet.

Sixteen feet.

Participating in a Walk for Lupus is like it’s own Wella Balsalm commercial…”You tell 10 friends who tell 10 friends…”

If you walk…they will come…

If you work hard to share your vision…they will walk with you.

I don’t dress up for the fun of it.

Ya, I totally dress up for the fun of it! 😀

I dress up because of two reasons:

1. You will remember me. Ergo, you will remember a face of Lupus.

2. It affords me the ability to feel like I can take over the f\m/king world.

I walk because people believe in me, and the message I endeavour to evoke into others: “Own your shit.”

And…“I *hear* you.”

And better still…“You can do this!”

I walk because there are people who are enduring such challenges that they cannot walk.

I walk because my children learn passion and dedication…they learn strength and perseverance…

I walk because my blood carries the stubbornness of a plethora of strong-willed women from my family lines.

I walk…

…because I can.

I don’t have to come in like a storm on the night…

…I simply have to be that gentle breeze on your cheek that continually shows you that:

I’m  here.

The culmination of my ongoing efforts of 2014?

I’ve been asked to be a speaker at this year’s Ottawa Walk for Lupus.

As long as my Go, Go SocialAnxietyGirl!! self holds up in the face of public speaking…

You will hear ALL of us on the winds…listen.





  1. Janice

    Ack!!! A speaker!! That is soooooooooooooo exciting!!! 🙂 Congratulations! Make sure it is recorded and post it!

  2. Wendy Kool

    Your speach was awsome today! Any chance I could have a copy to send out on the Lupus Support Broadcast system?


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