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Hot Toes in the City…

T-minus 24 hours.

Well, less than that, but I’m really hoping to only be awaking at this time tomorrow.




Wedding Day!!!! ūüôā

I won’t be posting for a couple of days as I’m hoping to take a few days off to “take it all in.”

I’m really also hoping that if I awake Sunday morn’ and can’t function, that it’s the result of dancing my I’ve-earned-this-ass off on the dance floor.

I affirm the following to you now:

I do not, in any manner, wish to cater to and enable my chronic afflictions over the next three days. ¬†I am a vision of strength, of passion, of creativity and of endurance…

…with dash of perseverance¬†thrown in, to boot.

Of course, I’m also missing opening night of The Avengers…but I’m the bestest eva’ at prioritizing. ¬†After all is done and packed away, I shall prioritize Thor and Loki in all their Hollywood glory.

As I reflect upon the last eighteen months of my life, I realize that the small things those piss-ass “rainbows of positivity” flooding my newsfeed with “Love and Light” first thing in the morning when all I want to do is cry and hide…ya, them?

I truly believe that I’ve surpassed the message they try to coat on your soul like shellac (or dried infant cereal…that shit’s like crazy glue…just sayin’)…

They tend to focus on how the little things, all melded together, make for a “whole body atonement for enlightenment.”


It.  Is.  THE.  Little.  Things.

Don’t lump them together…inhale them with all their tiny glory of esteem, calm, and meaning.

The fact that I can craft an entire invitation set, complete with eyelets and embossing and a freakin’ hand-stamped “Post Card” reply card, OH MY!…while in the throes of the longest flare I’ve had to date…well, you know what?

Finding my Buxom lip gloss for a stunning $18 a tube is bloody FRABJOUS. WHY?

Just. Because.

Having a pot of Belgian Chocolate coffee at the end of the week?


Fuzzy socks?

C’MON. ¬†DUDE. ¬†‘Nuff said!!

Truth be told, just going outside of my comfort zone to have a pedicure and nails painted a hot candy-apple red?


*My mother looked heartbroken as she gazed upon my freshly adorned piggies and moaned “Awwww….but you won’t be able to see them! You have closed shoes!!” ¬†I just shook my head. ¬†“Mom. ¬†Really. ¬†They’re not painted hot red for “me“.*

So, now I’ve chugged some java, scarfed down a piece of toast, and am off to start ironing my dress and packing up all the clothing and accessories.

I’ll likely tweet during the day tomorrow…stay tuned to the diabetic-coma-inducing *squee* bombardment!!

Bride out.


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