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I aim to live.

And, by “live,” I mean to actually go and do shit. Within life.

And, by “do,” I mean to stop making excuses for the things that I don’t do as an effect of making a choice to do something else.

I aim to own it.

Thus, when the opportunity came on a Groupon to attend at my husband’s UBER fave local brewery?? We didn’t get tickets because it was about three days before payday. In a house with five kids, two cats, a dog and four remaining brain cells…well. Sucks bollocks, it does.

THEN…my husband won a pair of the tickets on a brewing forum that he’s on.

*jazz hands*

He does his own brewing, both of beer and of mead.

How did Go, Go SpazzyAss here fare for the day outing?

I took the hopportunity and made that outing a memory. \m/



First up? Lunch at The Lieutenant’s Pump. I had a roast beef croissant thingie with a salad. Never eat more than you’re willing to have ruin your outing…and by ruin…those with IBS “know.”

Next up?


On a school bus, yo! An hour. Both ways. Uphill...
On a school bus, yo! An hour. Both ways. Uphill…


The company chartered two school buses to bring people to their brewery…

“…What brewery?!?!?”

Why, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, of course!

“…All natural?!?!?!”




That’s right…click the “organic” link above to see how they maintain sustainable brewing…

"Selfies"...because, yes.
“Selfies”…because, yes.

Off we go!!

What made it most FRABJOUS was the fact that I didn’t really think about anything at all during that bus ride.

That is rarer than the third moon of Jupiter in alignment with the fourth ring of Saturn during a full moon.


True story.

But, like all journeys…I had to think ahead. I had to remember to put a protein bar in my purse to ensure that any samples I tasted didn’t play havoc with my blood glucose levels. (you can read about glucose and alcohol in this PDF from theCanadian Diabetes Association)

What the what?!!?
What the what?!!?


Do you see what I see?

I remember from high school…

HEATERS. 😉 I made sure to pick the seat with the heater in front…keep the toes warm and the blood flowing.

When we got there, I was surprised by two things:

1) It was like the TARDIS…it was, most assuredly, bigger on the inside; and

2) The staff was friendly…like, truly friendly. As much as we were all fan-girl  by the awesomeness, so were they…and they work there!

Shiny and tubes and pressure gauges, OH MY!
Shiny and tubes and pressure gauges, OH MY!

They had set up ongoing tours…welcoming us to see how they do what they do…what their goals are…how they endeavour to spread the love of brewing and flavours.

There was (get this!) a woman at a small desk in the back of the brewery…”hand gluing labels on bottles of beer.” I shit you not. Testament of dedication to a company who loves their product and their peeps.

Resident Mouser
Resident Mouser


Brew Cat.

Resident Mouser.



“…Hell, even their CAT is cool!!

I know, Dude. I know.

We mingled ourselves in the midst of eleventy-billion people (no, not really…but close when you suffer social anxiety) enjoying samples of the brew and perusing the gift shop. I got a toque. And a bandanna.


Vinyl...and it's feckin' PINK!! *jazz hands*
Vinyl…and it’s feckin’ PINK!! *jazz hands*


That’s right.


“…Who has a freakin’ record player?!!?”



What else?



These were the bathroom signs.




Know what else I noticed? Hand washing signs. EVERYWHERE. \m/

There was something else I noticed…something so obvious, but hidden in plain sight, unless you specifically took the time to just stand and “see”….









Playing fooseball. Bottlecap hockey.

Sipping. Joking. Laughing.

Listening. Talking.


I guess one wouldn’t necessarily recognize the symptoms of living, until fighting to keep living was the struggle of one’s daily life.

I don’t much like beer…but I do have a favourite of theirs:

St. Luke’s Verse

It’s a Lavender gruit…with Rosemary and Thyme.

I really, REALLY like this “…deliciously drinkable potpourri.

I can “appreciate” beer…and after having this loveliness in a bottle…it has given me the inclination to brew with the herbs I study daily. It also satisfies my love to be all “scientificky” (totally a word).

So, not only did I “live” a day with my husband…make memories…smile at the happiness of others…I received a gentle nudge in a direction I never thought of taking my studies.

I also did something I rarely (may I remind you of the moon of Jupiter…Saturn’s ring, blah blah blah)…do. EVER.

Steve Beauchesne, oc-founder of Beau's with his father, Tim...
Steve Beauchesne, co-founder of Beau’s with his father, Tim…


See this guy??

Talked to him.

He talked to everyone (how feckin’ cool is THAT???)…just meandered around, thanking folks for coming out…

But *I* talked to *HIM*.

That, my friends, is testament to overcoming in the pursuit of social networking.


The day as summed up in two words??



Sometimes, you’ve got to just make the choice to live it up…

Sometimes, it really is that simple. 🙂




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