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Holiday Memories: Day 3 – “Simple”

I am an only child.

Ironic that I’ve got five children, myself, eh? 😉 Just makin’ up for statistics…

As such, the holidays were a very special time, with just my mom and my dad. Oh, they’ve since gone on to have wonderful second marriages each…but I’ve often felt…askew…having been an adult when they parted ways and not under the best of circumstances.

I never grieved for the “loss” of my family unit. I’d already had two sons of my own by that tender age of 24. Life goes on.

Rather, life doesn’t stop…

So, I hold onto childhood photos with a vice grip because they remind me of a time when things, in  my world, were perfect.

Like, the first man I ever loved.

My dad.

They say  you end up marrying your father. Having never been married before now, and having been through an “almost” and other such relationships…I was calling bullshit on that.

Then I met my husband.

Then I understood.

Even in an upside down, ass-backwards made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life…my sons will always have my father as the most solid essence of awesomeness I have ever known.

I stole a kiss from my daddy when I was four.

A stolen moment in time...
A stolen moment in time…

The best moments of the holidays are really that simple…


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