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Hello, Sweetie

#HAWMC Day 11: Pet Pal

Write a thank you letter to your furry, feathery, or fishy friend for always being there for you. How have they helped you cope with your health condition?

Alternatively titled, “How my blind, half-deaf, rescue Cocker Spaniel is a companion unlike any The Doctor has ever had.”

Rose is now six years old!
Rose is now six years old!

We got her when she was four years old. I had seen her on the interwebs…her profile making its way around the rescue’s feed. I had been contemplating her ever since our family had decided that, “If we’re meant to find that special rescue…then we’ll be ready.”

I wasn’t sure…it had been posted that she’d just lost her eyesight, unlike any of her three sisters, who had flown off of the proverbial rescue shelves. Hell, even one of her sisters had found a family out on the East Coast!

But, not her. She was still there.

She wasn’t “perfect.” She would probably have some kind of “challenge.”

Holy, sweet jumpin’ feckerdoodles, Batman!


*jazz hands*

It didn’t matter how much she became the replacement for all of our Yule gifts that year. It didn’t matter that the money that came from our family’s pockets ended up going to a fraudulent rescue owner. Only in hindsight did we know, but at the time, we still saved her.

What, if anything, has our companion, Rose, taught me?

When she walks into walls…she backs up and tries again. If she walks into the wall, she scoots down a few steps and tries again.

When she walks into a bench, she seemingly tries to remember, and tries to avoid it next time ’round.

When she gets help from me, she accepts it willingly.

Biggest lesson?


Words fail to articulate just how much this is a challenge for me. Rose, if personified, “trusts without question.”

Did she at first?

I remember the first time one of our resident cats took a swipe at her the very first day. The yelping and the wide-eyed blind terror had me sobbing on the kitchen floor holding her trembling body.

Rose is “Happy.” She is mischievous and steals the cat toys. She sits at our front door and waits for me to come home, even if there are other people in the house.

Dear Painted Rocks Curious Casey’s Rose,

I love you to the very fibre of my soul.

I know we have a jovial joke in the house, “Oh, Rose is totally having a blind dog day.” Those days your snout or your head seemingly finds All The Things to bump into.


You just back it up, turn a little, and try again.

You illustrate the very goal of life itself…it doesn’t matter if there are walls…there is no wall on earth long enough that one cannot back it up, turn a little, and try again.


“Me.” xoxo

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