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Health Activist-a-grams and orange thread…

I’m having a bit of a confuzzled week. The emotions are manically high, at best, at worst, threaten to throw my aching carcass off a chasm in the darkest corners of my mind.

And it’s only Wednesday. (o.O)

But, I’m glad to be getting back into routine now that my husband is back to work, a little less double-vision-ed post-surgery. I can reclaim my Overlordness on the mess that is the chaos of my house.

100_0255I’m also embarking on a new crafty project…making reversible over-the-collar bandanas for my dog, Rose. Because it’s cute. And I want to sew something 😀

But, I need orange thread. Not an uncommon colour, no…but that’s not where I’m going with this. I’m going to have to go to…the Fabricland.

Fabricland is akin to my personal-brand-of-crack-store, Michael’s. I might find a sale. The horror.

[enter “creative accounting”, stage left]

Pretty sure I can restrain myself…although I’ve given myself permission to go only if I make it through the next couple of chapters on my anatomy studies…because…well…I should be productive first, right?

*shifty eyes*

(On a totally unrelated note, I assembled the third faux-leather ottoman that I bought on sale at Canadian Tire…this one for the kids’ crafts…they freakin’ ROCK at keeping my chaotic home less cluttered and messy. That was also productive. Just sayin’.)

Now on to Health Activist-a-grams. Are you kidding me?!? How absolutely FRABJOUS is this idea from Wego Health?!?!? I had to share. It takes about 2.2 minutes of your time to let someone in the health community know you’re thinking of them. Just for shits’n’giggles.

Cuz shits’n’giggles in this regard is actually fun. And totally platonic (so don’t worry, dear ones…if I say “I luvs you”…it doesn’t include a wink and a nod that will invoke the “Leggo my Eggo, bitch” rant by your significant other…) 

february-300x300You can check it out HERE.

Well done, Wego…well done.

I’ve already sent one, and plan to do some more later on today…I wish I had a thousand extra minutes to just peruse the boards and send one to each and every one of us who try to make a difference in the world.

Heck, I think I’m even going to send one to people who’ve taken the time to just LISTEN. To READ. To try to UNDERSTAND. To LEARN.


Just for shits’n’giggles.

After I go pick up my orange thread. 😉

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