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Healing Through Art: Portable canvas


Not in the actual activity…we’re talking all things ink…


A week or so ago…maybe a couple of weeks? Time flies when you’re having fun, right? RIGHT?!?!? I had posted an article about the currently trending “semi-colon” tattoo and it’s significance.

Project Semicolon

“I would so totally do this!” I’d posted.


I did.

My story isn't over, either...keep on keepin' on!
My story isn’t over, either…keep on keepin’ on!


Thankfully, my dear friend, Tracy, knew a person.

We went to see her person.

I walked out with yet another story on my portable canvas.

[enter full circle, stage left]


But, wait! There’s more!

This year is a hard year in the sense that I’ve been taking a lot of time to ponder mortality, ancestors, living, dying and the things that make us all the “Same.” in a world where any kinds of difference offends and status overwhelms, absolutely.

The theme of this year’s festival that our family attends is coined, “Bone Dance.”

There will be commercial appropriations of things.

There will a metric ton of fun.

There will, for me, be an overwhelming ponderance of all things that take front and center stage in my life and journey with disease.

Death. My own mortality. What importance do I place on which things.

Living. My own choice.* Finding #gladitude. Making memories.

*see previous semicolon tattoo

My experience will certainly be profound, and I am rather excited about the potential to find new revelations, new ideas and a metric tonnage of friends who will support my bat-shit crazy along the way. 🙂

Not just badass, yo'!!
Not just badass, yo’!!


No, I’d never dreamed of having a skull tattoo! I mean…me?

Mother of five?

Learner of virtue and of lore?


Damn straight.

There would have been no other year, no BETTER year, to add a skull tattoo than THIS year, right NOW. \m/

Healing Through Art?

You better believe it.

You may have photographs of memories on your wall, on your work desk…I just carry mine with me. 🙂


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