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#HAWMC Day 6: It’s like a *people* menu!

#HAWMC Day 6: “Sunday Dinner. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?”

So, when I first saw this prompt, I was all, “Are they going to do the cooking? Are we going to a restaurant?” “We’d go to a restaurant.”


1. Me.

Just me. I’ve only ever done it once…gone out to a restaurant by myself, and I can tell you this: It was awesome. I could enjoy the environment (a pub, of course!), I didn’t have to say or think of anything to say…and no one would be all judgey on my choice of dessert. Because there’d totally be dessert. 😀

2. My grandmother.

Words fail to articulate just how much she is missed in my soul. I still cry. I would make us the macaroni & cheese casserole she’d made for family get-togethers that my own children have learned/are learning to make. And we would talk for hours. And I would talk about how hard it is to plow a path in life faced with all of these asshat challenges.

I would ask her one thing: “When you were told to ‘get your shit together’…how did you hold it together so well? How did you…hold me…when I’d gone up to your room to sit with you on your bed? What, in fact, gave you the willpower to outlast your timeline by another FIVE years!?!?”

And I would tell her all about my accomplishments, and she would never see them as selfish endeavors…and I could use *I* statements without sounding pompous or uppity…and she would see that I damn well earned the right to boast.

I would bring tissues. There would be much leaking from my ocular orbs.

And it would be beautiful. <3

3. Joss Whedon.

Because, YES.

That is all that needs to be said.

4. Tim Holtz.

Also because, yes. Not in capitals, or italics, but still a high-ranked individual of crafting stature.

I kept the postal package that contained his autographed book to me …because he, himself, signed the mailing slips! \m/ He is my scrapbooking guru God and I covet his products like nothing else. I would ask him nothing at all, because my fan-girl Go, Go SocialAnxiety!! would lock up my brain cells like water to cement. I would blink. 

Yes. I would blink.

A lot.

He may or may not think I have “problems”…

5. Steven Pollington

Hail & Horn Gathering, celebration of Frigg
Hail & Horn Gathering, 2013…in celebration of Frigg


All things Anglo-Saxon and Old English. Stories. Lore. Archaeological facts from an ancestral past of eons ago…my past. His research and knowledge have been a staple in learning where it is that I came from…


not only geographically, but spiritually, linguistically…steeped in tradition.

So many people…so little time…who would YOU like to have dinner with? Where would you go? 😀




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