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#HAWMC Day 29: Summer lovin’…

…had me a blast…

Summer lovin’…happened so fast…

*brainworm…you’re welcome*

#HAWMC Day 29: “Summer Lovin. Summer is coming up. What plans do you have? Any family vacation? What do you look forward to in Summer 2014?”

Go make a memory...start your own traditions...LIVE.
Go make a memory…start your own traditions…LIVE.



Camping, camping and camping.

Go, Go SpazzyAss here goes mutha’ feckin’ CAMPING.

In a TENT, by the gawds!

WITH the kids! In a separate tent!! Because I’m not quite THAT bat-shit crazy!!! 😉

I go camping for several reasons:

1) I have felt a connection to the land. Call it “good ju-ju” there.

2) I have involved myself in traditions on the land.

3) I get to decompress and de-stress about the chaos of my reality and the cosmos (the asshat one).

4) I get to teach my kids cool things about nature, community and things you can’t quite put into words.

Now, this level of participation in “Operation Decompression” certainly takes an effort on behalf of my I’ve-earned-this-ass.

MEAL PREP: Goes without saying…sheet of paper, write your days of the week, divide each day into your three meals and leave a space for snacks.

ASK FAMILY: Seriously, ask your family what kinds of meals they want and plug’em’in! There will likely be hotdogs/hamburgers.

Here is a link to a post I wrote about our favourite camping meals:

Our Best Family Camping recipes!!

Thing is, if you freeze it…the containers act as ice packs keeping your cooler cold and thawing out over a day or two (you may have to lift them out for a couple of hours) will help prevent the “pre-spoilage-before-you’re-ready-to-eat-it.”

I start about a month before our first camping trip, and I start making either double or triple batches of the simple meals (ex., burrito filling). That way I’m not over-burdened cooking up a storm and getting all pissy-mood right before we leave. True story.

Bonus tip? Freeze them in the Ziplock freezer storage bags. They’ll freeze flat and save space. 🙂

PILLS: keep your pills in an insulated pack with a few of your ice cubes. Guess what? Gel covered pills melt in summer weather, no matter where they’re stored. Ask me how I know. Keep them cool.

These come in all sizes and shapes and colours!
These come in all sizes and shapes and colours!


HEAT PACKS: for those end-of-the-day stiff muscles (aka, lower lumbar from h-e-doubletoothpicks)…we found neat little gel packs where you crack a metal disc, and the gel crystallizes into a hot pack of awesomeness. Boil it for 10 minutes later on to return it to normal to use again.


SLEEPING: Ear plugs! I can’t say enough about ear plugs. If you think kids up early on a Saturday morning are a challenge…wait till Mr. Squirrel gets his asshat ass into your forgotten-to-be-put-away chip bag.

Ask me  how I know.

*evil stabby glare at Mr. Asshat Squirrel*…both for the damn noise AND…he ate my friggin’ chips…

Where do I go?

Same Bat place, same Bat channel…same Bat time.

Raven’s Knoll.

I wrote a post (bet you’re so surprised!) about:

How to Make a Memory

I’d like to share it again because I know what gets said:

“I can’t camp.”

“I can’t…..”

You choose.

And that’s okay.

The reason I share why *I* camp?

Certainly NOT EVER as a “one-up-manship” or a competition…but because…

Because… “You don’t look sick.” 

Thus, I don’t entirely feel like my health condition is given true illustration…so I’m sure-as-shit going to point it out.

Here I am. It hurts to breathe. My skin hurts.

My hair hurts.

My heartbeat feels like it’s keeping it’s own rhythm to a song I can’t hear.

The pericarditis is back. Again.

My soul is sore.

And I will pick up (no, not literally) my I’ve-earned-this-ass and will go, multiple times, camping with my family to make memories.

I feel it is a necessary challenge to grow as a chronically afflicted individual to be made to have to seek out new and, often, interesting ways to manage daily living…be it in the house or in the woods.

Challenge: [Accepted].

I'd *jazz hands*...but... lookit the ZEN ;) Namaste, bitches...
I’d *jazz hands*…but… lookit the ZEN 😉 Namaste, bitches…


  1. Mae

    Or the asshat chipmunk who scared the bejezuz out of me when I went to have some trailmix! **Sadly, he got there first and was sitting , INSIDE the bag so it was his.** X)
    Thank you for sharing your camping recipies!
    I’m so happy you pick up your ‘earned this ass ‘ and get it out to where the good juju is, because I’m so happy to have met you there 🙂

    The squirrel got INSIDE the tent!? heehee,,it was looking for
    creature comforts? That must have been a RIOT and a half O.O

  2. Alyssa Schulte

    Hi! I have been scouring the Internet on camping with lupus and not finding much that is encouraging. I was wondering if you are sun sensitive? That is my biggest concern right now. Previously I was not and camped, swam and hiked like crazy for my summer vacations. Now it seems like my current flare was brought on by the sun which is extremely depressing to me. I’m having a hard time not feeling like a mutant when faced with tthe idea of avoiding the sun. I have a long trip planned in July for camping at Glacier National Park–I really want to go but I am scared since it is so remote. Your post is inspiring me to just try it but do you have any advise? I have some uv protective clothing. I just don’t even know what my limits are yet as this is the first time I’ve had to face these problems. I wish I could find more people posting about enjoying the outdoors with lupus and their game plan for doing so.

    • Brynn

      Hi, Alyssa!! While the sun’s warmth can be soothing, it’s rays can have dastardly effects on us…as you experience, yourself. I go camping regularly, and one festival is almost two weeks long this year. You say you already have SPF clothing, that is exceptional! 🙂 Do you have a wide-brimmed hat? May sound a little outdated, but there are nice styles as of late…you want to prevent the sun from reflecting off your shoulders and into your face. Baseball hats do little to protect the back of your neck (ask me how I know!! *shifty eyes*) or even the front of your neck (esp. tank top-wearing). I stay in shadows where I can, of course…and HYDRATE!! I start drinking extra several days prior. While hydration is always key, it’s extra important to keep tissue cells hydrated as we sweat more in the sun, right? And dry tissue cells can become inflamed and sore…increasing our pain. I have learned to be aware of bug sprays!! Often they leave an oily barrier on the skin, akin to the “baby oil” effect of the 70’s/80’s…intensifying the sun’s rays into the skin! o.O I think there are brands now (check where you live) that are “Dry” sprays. I use that one. I also make my own, to reduce the amount of ongoing chemicals in/on my skin during camping…it accumulates when you’re not having proper showers (where we go). 🙂

      All in all? Try. Invest in the SPF clothing. Hydrate. Keep your activity moderate or light in direct sun. Remember to keep medications in a cooler or such! Perhaps test out your clothing and such in advance of your trip? Sunny Saturday? Go for a walk/hike…judge how you feel. Not good? What about if you were outside, but reading? That kind of thing.

      At the end of the day, listen…is your body telling you to sit? To drink? Manage your activities for the times of day you feel the best…rest at the others.

      LIVE. 🙂 And let me know how your trip went!! *gentlehugs*

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