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#HAWMC Day 25: “Fit”ness Schmitness

#HAWMC Day 25: “Fitness Friday. What do you do to stay fit? Tell us about your efforts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

I’m going just call out and challenge the word “fit.” I don’t think it’s a “broad spectrum” word that can be used appropriately within all health forums.

That’s my disclaimer…I’m not using the word “fit”…I’m going to go with a basic “healthy.” Broader definition and oh-so-very much more relate-able.

Some people enduring a journey with chronic illness simply cannot associate “fit” with anything past getting their brains to co-ordinate with their extremities to get out of bed.

I know this to be true…because this was me on a medication reserved for epilepsy, but borrowed for pain management in all things Lupus and Fibro.

…because this was me on HALF of the dosage that had been prescribed.

Nope. Using the term “Healthy.”

What do I do?

Well, what I *did* do was quit smoking. Accountability.

What I *did* do was change the way I looked at food (Do I eat for eating, or do I eat for fuel?) and I took workshops to educate myself on how that food reacts with my blood sugars. Ownership.

What I *did* do was learn how to overcome my dastardly willpower to get my ass IN to the gym and plug away at stretching to yoga and learning what weight training programs I could do with two lower lumbar disc herniations post-rupture. Ownership.

I learned to appreciate how my body responds to stress and emotion and not have a total shit-fit if I make a choice to change or alter any of the above programming. Accountability.

While fitness buffs would call that weak…I *middle finger salute* right back because dealing with and managing a chronic illness of this nature requires one to be finitely in tune to their body’s inner workings…and respecting, not pushing, through them. I can “push myself” to challenge my limits, of course! But I will never “push myself” beyond what my body is telling me. Recovery time is astronomical and detrimental in the long run of the “Getting my ass IN to the gym” and to my overall health, in general.

This is what I do.


Doing is a choice.

Owning it.

If moving is simply the best that I’ve got on any given day…I will move. And it will be awesome that I did.

I dropped 24.7 pounds.

My doctor eliminated all three daily pill requirements of Metformin, because my blood glucose levels were all *jazz hands* and I’d dropped my A1C to that of a non-diabetic.

I still have heart issues but it might-maybe-possibly be that my kidneys won’t kill me first, as previously expected.

Dude. Awesome, eh?

Here’s the thing…my biggest confession:


Some days? LOATHE it. I watch women (because I only go to the women’s gym because of “stuff”, aka “issues”) bouncing and flouncing and be-bopping it all over the place…elderly women with heart-rates oh-so-very much less than my own “I’ve-got-my-eye-on-you” asshat of a contraction-al muscle…I keep my eyes down or closed and the tunes cranked.

What yoga looks my mind...\m/
What yoga looks like…in my mind…\m/


I’m still there.

I’ve even been totally coerced into doing Hot Yoga classes. 😉 Truth is…I love it…and the faith in friendships to keep me going…


Sometimes, it really is that simple.



Totally “Tube”-ular Tip: Google “chair yoga”…even if you can’t do much…you can still get your muscles moving, which will help manage inflammation and stimulate blood flow. Youtube has some great videos. 🙂


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