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#HAWMC Day 24: It’s “”

#HAWMC Day 24: “Health Activist Choice Day 2! Write about whatever you like.”

Today I would very much like to address my “” for Lupus Interrupted…

…it’s called “Life & Lupus Interrupted”…and it’s tagline?

“Healing the mind, the spirit and the body one badassery at a time… ;)”

You can see what I’m referring to…

right here:———-> Life & Lupus Interrupted is like a newspaper, online, with all the schizzle YOU decide! is like a newspaper, online, with all the schizzle YOU decide!




“I can’t find your link anymore.”

Here’s what a is, and why I use it:

It’s an online “newspaper.”

It’s an online newspaper that curates content.

There are links and images to articles and resources from sources all across social media, like the internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What is “Content Curation?”

This means that someone or something, aka, “Me.” in the case of, is able to set up my newspaper to seek out websites and sources (again, from all over the interwebs) that I think add a benefit to healthy living, and magically pulls all of these awesome articles, blogs, photos, etc together in ONE place…

“Life & Lupus Interrupted.”

I have set up my newspaper to do this once every day…in the morning…because that’s when I have coffee and you might have tea, or you might be sitting your arse on a bus on the way to work and want to have your mind blown with a ONE-STOP SHOP for all kinds of articles to read on keeping your body, mind and soul on the up’n’up.

“What do you put in it?”

Well, my own blog’s RSS is pulled into it…as are the blogs of others I feel people can strongly relate to…both in style and content.

I have my online newspaper set to receive updates from sources that mention #lupus on Twitter, for example.

I have various websites that will be picked over for articles that relate to criteria I’ve previously selected…

I have a button on my computer’s bookmark bar that will let me purposely insert an article/source into my online newspaper…in case it’s on a site that I don’t have set up to receive regular submissions.

Once #HAWMC is over, I’m going to be designating a “Social Thursday” post where I will highlight a handful of the most useful articles that have been published on my from the previous week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bestest part??? I can change the content. Any time. I can add other sources to be included, and I can take some off. I can…I can EDIT!!!

I can keep it fluid and dynamic in tune with both social media AND the mood I’m in.

Seriously. My mood could quite possibly dictate the awesomeness and badassery to be found on “Life & Lupus Interrupted.”

True story.

Because “I” have content curation control! *muahahahaha…..*

You might notice that every now and again…there’s a World of Warcraft post.


Because there are herbalists in World of Warcraft. *GRIN*

I like World of Warcraft. I get to beat shit up and generally escape from all rules of reality for however long I want.

There are inspirational posts and images.

There are lupus posts and fibromyalgia posts…diabetes information articles and healthy eating sources…there are book reviews and eleventy-billion articles (no, not really…but over 200+ every publication)…

Just like my blog, the top of the newspaper has tabs you can click on and get those specific kinds of articles, such as Health, Education, Stories and Photos, to name a few.

“What could *I* make one about?”


Seriously. I’m thinking of making one for just my “Colour!!” obsession.

Or, maybe one about the Cosmos. But, y’know…the Good One.

Here is the link:

And this is a fantastic tutorial I’d found while initialling Googling what the hell a was…

Adam Troudart Tutorial

My online newspaper of awesomeness is just a personal one where I can, again, one-stop shop for all kinds of articles that relate specifically to my interests in health, whole-body living…

…imagine the possibilities for people with businesses and services! ๐Ÿ˜€

Me? You’ll find it changes up every now and again…sometimes with more geekery…sometimes with more art and inspiration.

My online newspaper is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get… ๐Ÿ˜‰ \m/

Do YOU have a publication? Please share it in the comments! ๐Ÿ˜€

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