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#HAWMC Day 22: Bling. I put that s*t on EVERYthing…

#HAWMC Day 22 is MINE, BABY! (No, not really.) “Hobbies! We at WEGO Health love hobbies. Tell us, what are YOUR hobbies? Are you a rock collector? Scrapbooking? Photographer? Dancer? Share your talents. (Pictures encouraged)”

I have a “Healing Through Art” page (that tab up at the top of the blog posts) for a reason.

I have aspired to continue my hobbies of scrapbooking, mixed media and sewing’n’stuff because?

Because I can.

That’s not pompous, that’s reality. My hands are going to hurt whether I slap pieces of paper together wrapped up in a string’o’bling.

My back is going to hurt whether I’m sewing up banners or dresses.

My systemic inflammation is going to hurt for…ever?!?

Why the hell would I not continue to have a quality of creativity of living?? It’s my escapism from the shitballs of the Cosmos…and the hyper-focus tends to relieve the pain just that wee bitty…

Lard tunderin’ jeezuz it makes me upset when chronically afflicted peeps pull the “I can’t.” card.


If you can’t dance…sing!

If you can’t sing…needlework!

If you can’t try…….???

Maybe I get so passionate about trying to get people to…well…try…because I wouldn’t do shit if I didn’t have to, either! Seriously. Lazy as f\m/ck.

But you don’t see that, do you! Nope. You see me stringin’ the bling and sewing the awesome and…trying.

Here’s a bitty of my gallery:

Ravens Knoll Banner
Raven’s Knoll Banner
Our Hearth (family) Banner
Our Hearth (family) Banner










The Banner That Brynn Built.

The Banner That Brynn Built, Part Deux


Kaleidosope Gathering Banner
Kaleidosope Gathering Banner




Banner Bonanza: Healing with Heart






Here are the clothes I’d made for the younglings for our wedding…because if you’re going to learn to sew, do it for your wedding four months away…Google and Youtube the shit out of the how-to’s for two…

My daughter's dress is the very first thing I learned to sew. On bridesmaid satin. Because, I'm bat-shit crazy.
My daughter’s dress is the very first thing I learned to sew. On bridesmaid satin. Because, I’m bat-shit crazy.
...with lacing. Bat. Shit. Crazy.
…with lacing. Bat. Shit. Crazy.








My four sons. Tunics all 'round! \m/
My four sons. Tunics all ’round! \m/



Learned it.




My uber-passion is scrapbooking, though. I was a teacher for three years, have been on multiple Design Teams from Ottawa to Vancouver, and currently design for Tina’s Scrapbooking Creations, just outside of Ottawa, in Winchester.

100_0134 100_0138 100_0140 100_0148 27064_10150190276095249_8208890_n 27064_10150190276325249_4543733_n7524_326180845248_6919617_n 27064_10150190276505249_5296051_n 27094_10150189790895249_772782_n 27094_10150189911330249_6967174_n20130406_171536 100_0144 100_0146100_0147




You can click on any of the images to make them more viewable…










Made our wedding invitations. And…everything else… 😉

Every piece of paper I hand-inked, cut and...? The reply cards were made from a postcard stamp. Crazy. Right here.
Every piece of paper I hand-inked, cut and…? The reply cards were made from a postcard stamp. Crazy. Right here.
Made 145 invitations...
Made 145 invitations…











Why do I put myself through this, you ask?

I’m soooooooooooo proud of the things that I make! 😀

I buffed and crafted my drinking horn & holder:

"Ælfrēdes hræfn"
“Ælfrēdes hræfn”









Pretty, Victorian-esque cover…
Piano-hinge book...
Piano-hinge book…

book3 book2

Leather, hand-made journal for my husband..."Othala" is the rune on the front cover...
Leather, hand-made journal for my husband…”Othala” is the rune on the front cover…




















Remember, what does it hurt to try? 🙂

What kinds of hobbies do YOU have, or would you like to give’a’go sometime??

LASTLY…just a lil’ bitty I made as part of the wedding fiasco-I-endeavour-to-always-remember…it’s our handfasting anniversary two weeks from now xoxo

A wedding "ring nest"...
A wedding “ring nest”…


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  1. Mae

    I am in love with your banners and photobook pages!
    **When I have some extra fundage , and you have an extra spoon I would LOVE to commission a scrapbook page or two to hang in our home <3**

    And you're right, I get so frustrated when people play the "I can't " card.
    Everyone is good at something! Sometimes it just takes a little time to find your talent! 🙂

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