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#HAWMC Day 17: Lupus is coming…

#HAWMC Day 17: “TV Matchup. Think of a TV show that compares to your life. What is it? Who would you be, who would your friends and family be?”

What the…??

I don’t likez the promptz. Itz makez me grouchyz….

No, not really. BUT: Given that anything I do must be contained within a “2.2” context of minutes, seconds or nano-seconds…I must protest the prompt on the simple fact that:

I don’t have time to pee, let alone properly watch a television series.

I won’t even begin to describe how far behind I am on series that I profoundly covet within the subspace of whatchamacallit “PVR land.”

But, I figured, “How hard could it be?”

Friends: Nope. Go, Go SocialAnxiety Girl doesn’t just simply “hang out”…I prepare, process and pump myself up to participate.

Cheers: I’m not so arrogant to expect that I can go somewhere where everyone knows my name (would be epically cool, though…just sayin’…).

Brady Bunch: Nope. All kids…all mine. No “blending”…and sure-as-shit no “old school housewife” stuff goin’ on here…True story. But…closer…

The Walking Dead: No matter how cool I think this might, in fact, be…this might, in fact, be the complete opposite of what this prompt is going for. But, I’m zombie-prepared, just in case. *shifty eyes*

Game of Thrones: This was an EPIC song to walk into our wedding reception…and there’s lots of sex…but it’s with the proper person and…let’s be honest…I like my head where it is…and my throat…and my…well, if you “know”…you *know*…But, as a matriarch of a Hearth…closer still…

Lupus is coming
Ned couldn’t handle the Lupus…


Actually, that’s going to be it. Game of mutha’ feckin’ Thrones.




Because that’s how I run this joint. It’s often been “survival” mode…doing the best that I could with what I’d been given and just trying to get through the days.

It continues today…I make great effort to ally with people who are a benefit to our Hearth…providing friendship, assistance…and in return I gift our time, resources, to provide that friendship and assistance back. My “enemies” are fewer than they used to be, but definitely more intense and directed at besmirching my name by gossip and rumour that reflect not my life failings and/or shortcomings, but those of their own. I am not afraid to cut these people down out of my life, savvy?

What “House” would we be?

There are attributes to each that I particularly like, and attributes that are a little less…ethical…by today’s standards…and maybe that appeals to me in some small way, too…

I carried a sword, not flowers...
I carried a sword, not flowers…



At the end of the day, I run my OWN House…

Yggurd kynslóð

And…dude…SWORDS. 😉



  1. Daniel

    I agree. Choosing a house for you would be impossible. You are you and you run your own house. I see you and the hubby running one of the great houses, wardens of your region, and I would be honoured to be your bannerman.

  2. Mae

    Makes me wish I had seen the series, guess I’ll just have to read the books!
    But from what I’ve heard ,the show is totally badass, and you are totally badass, so it works! 🙂
    Rock on!


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