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#HAWMC Day 13: Sharin’ the luv…

#HAWMC Day 13: “These are a few of my favorite things” It may not be brown paper packages wrapped up in string or warm woolen mittens, but what are some things you love? What can’t you live without?

I was all ready to post a hit-list of the schizzles that I covet…until I realized that I’ve never really “defined” stuff of mine that I would consider to be a “favourite.”

Well, shit.

Now I have to *think*…

Well, there’s obviously my natal necklace…NO ONE gets up in my business with that…it’s like an extension of “Me.”…so hands-off.

Fuzzy socks are a no-brainer, I suppose…I almost took that one for granted because, seriously…who doesn’t love fuzzy socks???

Re-phrase…who in the northern hemisphere in cities where Mother Nature goes on regular benders of minus eleventy-billion degrees doesn’t love fuzzy socks???

My Tim Holtz scrapbooking supplies. I covet this shit so much that I never actually USE it. Those of you who are scrapbookers “know” what I’m saying. Try justifying buying *more* Tim Holtz scrapbooking products with that kind of habit…just sayin’…I lovingly coined the term “Creative Accounting” (using your fingers to actually do air quotes as you say it…)…true story.

*shifty eyes*

Leggo my eggo, bitch...
Leggo my eggo, bitch…


My llama mug. This is a new addition to my schizzle thus it is extra-coveted…and I almost lost my shit when my eldest took it, used it, and left it downstairs in the basement.

Oh no, you DIN’T! *snapsnapsnap*



Smell me, dammit!! ;)
Smell me, dammit!! 😉

My Body Shop White Musk Libertine eau du toilette…I don’t usually try new scents because that would go against my ridiculous level of OCD…and I sure as heck don’t usually support pop divas and such…but I found it quite amusing that not only does the scent make me swoon over myself, the artist that crafted/was crafted for (named on the damn bottle) is the one who sings a particularly special song that me and my husband enjoy…


OMGOMGOMG…my drop spindles.



Spin Frigga, spin...
Spin Frigga, spin…



I don’t spin as nearly as much as I’d like…but during the summer when I take the kidlets to the splashpad, I bring it along and spin whilst they frolic in the summer sun.

The fibres are a joy to play with. 🙂


Then there are the the “treat-to-me” days at the local Starbucks for an eleventy-billion dollar latte.


Ideally, it would be a mocha-choco-vodka-valium-latte to go…but every now and again…I sit my I’ve-earned-this-ass down in a comfy leather chair and…


It’s really much harder to share in my favourite things, I think because I’ve had to make the choice to have such a change in perspective.

If it’s not my husband or my children, it can be replaced. If it can’t be replaced, like an heirloom, it can be remembered and written about so that its existence can never be questioned.

I try to find #gladitude in the small things because by the very act of giving time to think about something, it has suddenly become “bigger.” I have lots and oodles of little favourites and big favourites.

Material things are cool. Priceless things are cool…but each time I just put up a “something”…it doesn’t really “feel” quite right.

Perhaps, after my oh-so-very ugly cry…the one that is cry-like-your-soul-is-breaking…late last night, it’s given me the opportunity to make yet another choice to change my perspective on things.


Time is my mutha’ feckin’ favourite thing. \m/

Without it, you cannot look back and see the strength and perseverance of your ancestors.

Without it, you cannot look into the eyes of your children and see the lessons you teach take shape.

Without it…

…without time…

…you lose the ability to have hope for the future.

Time gives me the ability to live.

Well holy shitballs, Batman!

I just had a fucking epiphany while writing a blog post.


*jazz hands*

TIME, my peeps, is my most favouritest thing on this beautiful blue orb in the cosmos…



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  1. Heidi

    What can I not live without, my framily and husband, the rest are just things and those are all replaceable. Sat here at my computer thinking of all my stuff, the magical wedding ring, items I always have with me, things I always want when I get home, but realize it is all replaceable, but not my friendship with very special people (such as you Pattie) and my husband.

    Thanks to you, you have made me realize how much I am grateful for those people in my life and how secondary my *stuff* really is…. **Mind totally blown**.

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