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#HAWMC Day 12: Whatever floats yer boat!

#HAWMC Day 12: “Health Activist Choice Day 1. Write about whatever you want today!

Open ended conversation…gotta love it!

*insert obvious eyeroll….here*


It's...what's for weather.
It’s…what’s for weather.


Today is a most beautiful day of weather outside, which is impressive enough to say, living in this nation’s capital. It seems that Old Man Winter might just be losing his grip on the Cold That Lasted FOREVER winter that plagued most of the entire northern hemisphere.

It was SO nice, in fact, that this one time? Outside? I actually had on just a tshirt.


I find the adjustment in the changing seasons to be challenging, at best. I know there’s much anecdotal stories to support the theories that barometric pressure…the weather…can affect joints, fluids and the like which can generally make you feel just as up and down as my kids on sugar. 😉




Pouring rain. I shall likely want to crawl in a hole and not come out.


I hurt. I ache. I cuss. I eat.

And not necessarily in that order.

The temperature variable of anywhere between 10-20 degrees within a 24 hours period here in Ottawa has little to be envied. But, I’ve found some tips to help alleviate the effects of Mother Nature on a bender:

1. Stay warm: Seems legit, right? But proper dressing, often in layers, is your best bet for facing the -3C morning and the 12C afternoon. Pre-warm the car. Heating blankets or heated mattress pads can take the chill out of the sheets. Use those little heat packs in your gloves…in your boots/shoes!

2. Keep your body in motion: Before heading outdoors, get that synovial fluid in motion in between your joints so they get lubed up before you hit the errands. It will help lessen (to a degree) the pain of bones rubbing on bones…savvy?

3. Hydrate: Nothing like preparing for everything but tissue cells starving for fluid!! Dryness = tightness = stiffness = pain

4. Swelling prevention: warmth feels good on sore joints, but doesn’t help with swelling. Compression gloves can help keep fluid out of joints, thus alleviating pain.

5. Use a dehumidifier, if necessary: Research has found that circumstances of low pressure and high humidity can increase stiffness, adding to discomfort and pain.

6. Watch the salt!! Hotter weather can cause the retention of water in some people, as can high salt intake. Take care to ensure that you are hydrating (see #3!) as water retention can make you feel stiff, sore and generally achy.

I go camping…a LOT. And I find I have had much success with the temporary muscle relief heat wraps that you can find in your drugstore. During the hotter daytime, I take care to watch my sun exposure…drink PLENTY (egads, I cannot stress this enough in daily life) of water (not juice, coffee, pop or sports drinks). During the colder nighttimes, I make sure to double up the socks (including a woolen pair on top), layer…layer…layer…layer. Layering is important to help maintain heat warmth and allow circulation. The last thing you need is restriction in bloodflow!

Do you react to temperatures? Or, are you a “go with the flow” kind of person?

I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow’s rain…the cleaning of the winter “yuck” is refreshing and uplifting to the soul…


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