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#HAWMC Day 10: I’d like to thank the Academy…

#HAWMC Day 10: “And the winner is… You! You just won an award and are on stage, holding your trophy. Write an acceptance speech. Who do you want to thank? How did you get to where you are today? Don’t worry, we won’t rush you off stage!”

Wait, what???
Wait, what???

Some of you might be all, “Hey! What can I say about THIS piece of awesomeness?!?!?” and I’d be all, “Hey! How’d I get my Go, Go SocialAnxiety Girl ass up on to the stage?!?!?!?” \m/

1) Panic would set in…what would I say? Will I trip getting off the stage? Is that chick glaring at me?? Did I do something wrong? Is there something in my teeth???

2) I would try and pretend that in two minutes I will never…EVER…see any of these people again. Well, except for my family.


*clears throat*

This statue represents the aggregate of “moments.” It is the sum of the moments I took to open my life for the scrutiny of the global community as I wrote about the journey, the challenges and the reality of living with an autoimmune disease.

It represents the moments my husband would hold my shaking body or the moments my children questioned my tears.

It represents the moments I made choices and the moments I chose to share the consequences of those choices: The good, the bad and the downright frozen Hoo-Ha.

This statue further represents those moments of crushing insecurity and of enlightened empowerment…and moments of questioning the worth and value of the words I throw out to a world which doesn’t always want to hear them. 

I stand here, in this moment, as a representation of the culmination of hours of effort and years of perseverance…and not a second ticks by that I don’t think about the support of my husband, the hugs of my children and the “likes”, the “tweets” and the “+1’s” of the readers who have given that (often) much needed uplift to let me know that they are saying, “I hear you.”

This one time? At my house? I made a choice.

That choice resulted in looking at myself and taking a moment to say, “I hear you.”

Paying it forward, one blog post at a time.

Thank you for taking 2.2 minutes of your own busy lives to share in a little of mine. 🙂 


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