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Happy Blogiversary!!!

One year ago today, in the throes of the whirlwind that is all things “chronically afflicted”, I decided to use the one thing that wasn’t broken/ill…my words…to illustrate my journey in managing a house, a job, a gaggle of children whilst planning a wedding and generally being bat-shit crazy about it along the way.

Oh, the things I’ve learned.  Not just about people, but about myself, as well.

I’ve learned that:

1)  Google is my BFF.  It allows me to cross-reference all of the “in your best interest to try this” advice in order to ensure that said “this” doesn’t contraindicate any of the pharmaceutical poisons or afflictions I currently possess and end up killing me.  That would suck.

2) People don’t have to understand, nor care, about all that ails you.  Kind of in the same way that I don’t care to hear about flying bugs by people who study flying bugs.  I get it.  That being said, I expect same people to not barrage me with ignorance and insult because they don’t wish to follow along something that I am completely open about.  Once.  In writing.  For all to see.  It wastes my time and energies previously expended in order to bring you everything you need to know.

3) Sometimes it’s okay to let people have a peek into the not-so-very stellar aspects of your life, ensuring awareness of the “big picture”…and how managing multiple chronic illnesses with multiple children within multiple constraints of time, availability and pressures can make you feel like a modern-day Atlas.  I cry.  More than you know.

4)  I really need to work on my own theme song.  If brain fog would permit me to actually remember to do this…I could, of course, ask for assistance, but not bloody likely 😉

5)  I am capable of finding alternative ways to do things when my body decides to up and snafu itself.  Example: Picking stuff up with my toes = Chronic Badass Superability #11.

6) People can actually take away something from me sharing either knowledge, experience and/or information.

7)  Some people are willing to use fallacies and untruths in order to promote their chronic afflictions that do not exist. Furthermore, some people are willing to give you their unverified medical knowledge to promote their own sense of “Hey, I can FIX you!”

8)  I do not wish to play the “Whine-1-1” game and consume myself with all of the drama of being chronically afflicted.  It sucks bollocks, but it’s not going to have any hope of changing unless I get off my “I’ve-earned-this-ass” and be pro-active in my healthcare.  Don’t misinterpret my spewage of all things health-related to be Bitchfest 101…I need to do it in order to process all this crap.

9) Learning is my passion…even on the days that are less than stellar, I can still learn.  I pray that nothing ever takes that skill away from me…it’s how I feel that I can still be a productive member of society.

10) TOOT, TOOT!!!  Blowing my own horn on all that I’ve accomplished is becoming less difficult.  Why?  Perhaps because of the tick, tock. Perhaps because I’ve experienced life lessons arising from all of the suck-assery.

Perhaps because there will come a day when someone will have the opportunity to explain to my children how their mother made a difference.

In one year I’ve gone from 23 views to 95,000.  Modest, by some sites of course, huge (and by huge, I mean bat-shit crazy huge) to mine…

It means that someone, somewhere, took 2.2 minutes from their own hectic/busy/painful day to partake in a little of my own.

I would love to hear if you’ve found something particularly helpful…amusting…kickass…and what, if anything, you’d like to see more of in the next year!!

My heartfelt thanks to all of you,

Your friendly neighbourhood chronic badass 😉


  1. Natasha

    “Don’t misinterpret my spewage of all things health-related to be Bitchfest 101…I need to do it in order to process all this crap.”

    I SO hear you!

    Posting what you do also enables others to point to your blog for their friends and relatives and co-workers, etc, to read and then they can say, “SEE, it isn’t JUST me, I’m NOT making this up. I’m not inventing this for a pity party, nor to get out of doing things, nor to make your life more difficult. If I can cope this well with all of this raining on my life parade, you can damn well cope a little better with me not being Superwoman 24/7.”

    ((((hugs)))) and thank-you!

  2. Tracy Thillmann

    Happy Blogiversary. All your posts inspire me to fight the good fight. Such an amazing jump to 95,000. You touch many people Brynn. Toot that horn. 🙂

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